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Seeing God

Two pastors at the church in WF preached online during the lockdown. Both asked themselves the same question in a sermon: “Why don’t I see the miracles that Jesus promised we will see in our own lives.” One found – “Because I am disobedient to the commands of Christ”. The other concluded “We will never…
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Newsletter Feb 2020

Dear Friends, We were warned  About 12 years ago, my wife and I attended a training where we heard people promoting the idea of cell churches. Among their many benefits, we heard that cell churches would be vital in times of persecution. At the time it was hard to imagine the governments of Europe ever getting…
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Parents Empowered

A unique resource for flourishing kids We all want to raise healthy kids. But what does it take to prepare them to face all the emotional and spiritual challenges that life throws at us? Despite their best efforts, most parents will encounter a time where their child seems to be struggling with issues that threaten their ability…
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Facing the impossible

Do you face an impossible assignment? In the Bible, we read of several characters that God prepared for a particular task. But before they stepped into that role, they resisted their calling. Think of Moses at the burning bush, saying send someone else*. Or Paul, who tried stamp out Christianity, before becoming the greatest of…
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Mother’s Day tribute to Elisabeth Taylor

I am so grateful for my mother Elisabeth Taylor. She has been an example of faith, strength and patience all my life, but certain aspects of her strength and character have become most evident since my Dad moved on to his eternal reward in the presence of our Heavenly Father … (Continued below) A focus on what…
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Abner Suarez landet in Café Madörin ein Volltreffer

Ein persönliches prophetisches Wort für uns alle Weinfelden 20.3.19: Abner Suarez, gab an diesem Abend eine klare Botschaft, die wir auch verinnerlichen müssen. Unser Land wird verändert, wenn Christen einzelne Menschen in die Jüngerschaft rufen und sie auch begleiten. Die Botschaft von Abner war ein Volltreffer für Weinfelden und die Region. Viele hungrige Christen suchen nach neuen Formen, Systemen…
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