What is CCT ?

Christ Centered Transformation is an approach to biblical counselling that:

  • Keeps central the work of Jesus Christ on the cross
  • Deals with the roots of problems as opposed to the symptoms
  • Involves a combination of insights, decisions, prayer steps and the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit

On the cross Christ dealt with sins, sickness and the work of Satan. We learn through CCT how to recognize and deal with sin and its effects. Someone’s sin – not necessarily yours is at the heart of many of your problems. You can only deal with your own sins, and your own reactions to other ‘s sinful behaviour. Sin also leads to hurts. How can hurts be healed? That’s the work of the Holy Spirit. In CCT we learn how to facilitate his work. Finally, Christ destroyed the work of Satan on the cross. Freedom from the demonic and all it’s effects is possible for every Christian who chooses to apply this victory in their lives and sweep their house clean.


CCT was founded by Albert and Elisabeth Taylor who practiced prayer ministry with individuals under the name Christ Centered Therapy since the early 80’s. Since the late 80s they have led seminars or workshops around the globe to teach Christians how to apply these basic principles in their church and individual lives.

Our vision

We want to spread a deeper understanding of the relationship between the elements of natural counselling, inner healing and deliverance ministries. We want to:

  • Equip those who have a desire to help others.
  • Inform those who don’t know where to turn how to help themselves.
  • Show the need for a integrated approach where practical help, teaching, renewing, inner and outer healing and deliverance can go hand in hand.

Counselling or Ministry ?

Counselling is the process of giving counsel or good advice. In countries e.g. Britain, this is a protected term requiring certification. We have for many years preferred the term ministering, because it reflects the approach where we see ourselves as ministers or channels of God’s healing power. We seek to be guided by the Holy Spirit not by our own wisdom. This does not mean that we do weird things which we cannot explain rationally. God’s nature is orderly and rational. And it does not mean our experience is worthless. Many issues can be illuminated through the wisdom of experience. That is why it is possible to learn a systematic methodical approach to ministry.


  • Mireya Rojas - June 4, 2015

    quiero saber mas acerca de seminarios de sanidad

    • Albert Taylor - November 3, 2015

      Where do you live, Mireya?

      • juan castillo - May 25, 2016

        Hola Albert

        Yo estuve en el seminario de liberación en la base de Jucum Santiago-Chile, actualmente dirijo escuelas externas de discipulado y consejería en Concepción- Chile y queremos usar el material de tu libro Ministrando bajo la superficie, tienes alguna recomendación?

        Juan Castillo

        • Albert Taylor - May 31, 2016

          Dear Juan
          It is good to hear from you and that you want to use the material from our book.
          Do you know our book is in Spanish-Sanar Bajo La Superficie from http://www.peniel.com or bookshops?
          You might get a good discount on a large quantity. Also on Amazon.com as an E-Book. It would be good for each student to get their own book. If not possible, you can photocopy but write that the material is from our book.
          Si tu no comprehendas Inglis , por favor escribe mi.
          Gracias, Albert Taylor

  • Rev Amos wafula - June 15, 2015

    Thank you for the ministry.


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