I can cry again

Healing of the memories: sexual abuse

A young Bible school student was planning to quit the school and the faith because he was failing to get the victory over oppression of his mind, lack of concentration and lustful thoughts.

As I was teaching a class of about 40 students at a meeting in Delhi, the Lord led me to cover sexual abuse, one student came to talk afterwards. He asked for prayer for epilepsy, but then said that he could relate to what I said about abuse because he had been abused. I asked if the abuse happened when he was twelve. Yes he said: that was when the epilepsy started. As we proceeded he then began to deny that he had really been abused. Obviously he was struggling with the shame so I suggested he tried to picture the situation in his memories.

We would then ask Jesus to then speak to him. The following is a brief summary of what happened over the next 30 minutes. The process involved him entering his memories, while we waited on the Lord. Then I would ask what he was seeing or what Jesus was saying or doing. For example: to start with I asked him to picture the situation of the abuse and then sked  what Jesus is saying? “Rejoice in the Lord always,” he replied. This was obviously not the Lord’s voice but his Christian training.

So I gently explained that Jesus has borne our grief and sorrows and is unlikely to give such a pat answer. Then I cried to the Lord that he would break through to this young man. This time, the Lord showed him a picture of a clear blue lake. I was reminded of the river that flows from the throne of God and so I told him to go swimming in the lake with Jesus. He struggled for a while but finally made it into the water and dived down with the Lord who gave him a handfull of blue pearls. As they came out of the water he saw a black stone which represented his heart of stone, that the Lord was replacing with a soft heart. He felt so light, and clean for the first time and said that tears were flowing in his eyes for the first time since the abuse. Praise God.

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