Discerning and testing

When I talk about miracles or the work of the Holy Spirit there are three typical reactions. Belief, unbelief or religious doubt.

Religous doubters are people who know the Bible but have been raised in an intellectual tradition – that means the rule of the intellect determines what is possible. Anything that challenges that is explained away as the work of the devil, lies and deception. After all, we are warned against false prophets and decieving miracle workers they say.

If this sounds familiar then, why not listen to my teaching on testing and discerning the spirits from our last trip to Kerala. These teachings are translated live from English into Malyalam.

The overall jist of the message is that in order to be able to test the spirits or the teachers we need to go through the process of being tested by the Lord and found worthy to be entrusted with greater responsibilities and gifts. As we grow and develop and are found worthy in little, acting according to the measure of our faith God will entrust us with domains of responsibility where we will then be spiritually equipped to discern as necessary.

Part 1: Testing in the Bible

Part 2: Developing discernment

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