Deliverance and impartation in Kenya’s infamous Kisii

When I (David) was first invited to minister in Kisii, my mood swung from carefree to concerned after reading only a few articles about the region. It was said that the men of Kisii were known for their hot-headedness while the region was a hotbed of witchcraft and HIV. I read about missionaries being supernaturally pinned to their beds in the night, or of an eight-year old orphan being the sole bread winner in his family of four. But I embraced the challenge to go. The Lord put together the perfect team and we had a great and successful trip.

Power to Change is an informative 18-minute introduction to the power of the Holy Spirit, as witnessed in our revival training meetings in Kisii, Western Kenya. Learn about the various, sometimes dramatic manifestations that you may see when God’s power touches people and hear the personal statements of these life changing experiences. Meet families transformed, couples reunited and a deaf girls whose ears popped open,

Shot in Eastern Kenya on a trip to support John Shiundu’s CTC ministry.

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  • It was a wonderful crusade where wee saw the MIGHTY HAND OF THE LORD as people were transformed and delivered from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of GOD……we need you back again.BE BLESSED AS YOU PURPOSE IN THE MINISTRY.

    13 July 2016 11:01

    It was amazing what God can do no man can do


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