• We are working with a team of indigenous pastors who are reaching various tribes in the band between Archers Post and Maralal.
  • This team is engaged in evangelism and basic discipleship work, with new vigour following a Global Discipleship Alliance training last year.
  • The request is for us to come in and take these full-timers deeper into an experience of inner-healing, deliverance and gifts of the spirit.

Dates: to be confirmed (Oct 2018?)
Programme: 3-4 days pastors and workers training sessions. Outreach in local communities with the pastors 4-5 days. Internal travel 2 days. R&R 2 days.
Total 12 – 14 days.

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  • Pastor Koskey
    21 October 2022 12:16

    I am delighted to have come to know about this trip through my friend Pst. Simon Ndori. I am confident that our Lord Jesus will do might works during this mission. I will take quality time to prayer it. Welcome David Taylor.

    In Christ,


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