An amazing flow of miracles in Pakistan 2022

Praise God for eight wonderful, blessed days of crusades and leader training seminars where we saw the amazing power of the Lord work in countless ways.

Thanks to our local organiser Ghaffar Bhatti of Gospel of the Kingdom Church Ministry (GKCM) I was privileged to preach in 5 crusades, 3 pastors and leaders training seminars and 3 church services in the Punjab region of Pakistan.

When GKCM began going to our target towns 10-15 years ago, there were no spirit-filled Christians in these areas. Thanks to the move of God in Pakistan and the hard work of local pastors, the church is growing and followers of Christ are growing in number and in depth of their faith. You will see in the image slider below that hundreds came together to praise and worship God, to hear teaching and to receiving prayer for all kinds of different problems.

The power of the Word

Every knee shall bow – every joint be mobilised

One night as I was preaching and proclaimed that ‘At the name of Jesus every knee will bow’ I realised that this also means that every joint must be flexible. So I called for anyone with a frozen shoulder to come to the front. One lady was healed as she walked forwards, the other two were healed after only a short prayer. From that night for the remainder of the week, as far as we could know, all stiff or blocked joints, such as frozen shoulders were healed.

It is finished

One night as I talked about the finished work of Christ on the Cross, I emphasised that we don’t have to do anything more to move God. As much as I appreciated and love the Pakistani worship, I explained that we are not like the prophets of Baal trying to attract God’s attention with the volume of our praise. This message seemed to unlock a greater level of faith and that night, two lame children started to walk and then run for the first time in their lives. It was also the night when a lady with cataracts declared that she was able to see more clearly and counted my fingers reliably.

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Stories, transformations and testimonies

The kite story and the spirit of fear

I told a story to bring to life the character of the paralytic let down through the roof to the feet of Jesus. In my story, a boy had climbed a wall and scaled a tree to retrieve his beloved kite. But he fell and was paralysed. So when his friends started to drag him onto the roof and lower him to the feet of Jesus, the memory of his accident flooded back, along with all the shame of trespassing and fear of falling. So Jesus forgiving his sins, dealt with his painful memories, the fear that came from the trauma and he also healed him. The Pakistanis who love kites, loved this story and many were set free from fear and several lame children were healed.

The challenges

We were mostly staying in the homes of very poor people, and sleeping outside half the time, so the living/working conditions were very challenging.

Our meetings were organised in nominal christian communities, so the only opposition that we faced was from the church establishment  in one location. Even the sudden arrival of an ominous delegation of powerful Muslim politicians in Gojra did not quench the joy or dampen the hunger of the people for teaching or a touch of the Lord.

Team members transformed

It was particularly exciting to see how God was touching those who travelled with us, as they saw the consistency with which God was confirming the message. In the images above you see the head of the Pakistani camera crew having a intense encounter with the Holy Spirit. He has been serving God with his creative talents for 18 years, but he was strongly moved by this new encounter with the Holy Spirit.

Validating testimonies

I always want to take time to personally verify and ideally film each miracle and testimony. This is possible when you invite specific people to the front during the preaching. But if you start praying for someone after the preaching, all attempts of ushers to manage the crowd are pointless. People press in so hard, desperate to share their problem and be prayed for or even just for a momentary touch. So we do our best and tie in the local team as much as possible to pray for others and to gather reports.

Past experience has shown that this means that apart from the cases we are already able to report there will be many, many more who God has touched, and probably we will never know what the fruit of it is. What we do know is that these communities have been impacted and inspired. In Jaranwala, they told me that still talk today a certain time-delayed skin healing miracle that happened in the three months after my first visit there 10 years ago.

Indeed the first report has now come in of a little child, blocked in their development, who has started to walk since I prayed for them at the church service in Lahore.

This encourages me when I think of Angelou: a spastic girl whose face went from pure distress and fear to radiant joy within minutes during prayer. We are believing that her body will be healed in the coming months. 


When the Gospel of the Kingdom of God is preached boldly by someone who has been called and empowered, miracles should be no surprise. Jesus taught and then he healed, he taught and then he delivered.

The supernatural works that he did, proved the validity of his message. But he also said that those who believe in him will do the same works also. That is the message that I unpack in the book: ‘Called+Empowered’

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