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A film about finally seeing what you’ve been believing

Samburu County, Northern Kenya 2022: The blind see, the lame walk. In this documentary you see miracles happening before your very eyes as a disappointed former minister accepts an invitation and dares to let God call and empower him. Along the way you will get a taste of life in Northern Kenya and meet characters from different tribes who have come together to learn how they too can not only speak the words but also do the works of Jesus.

Audience responses

“I always wanted to see things like this”

“a powerful moving documentary”

“we just cried tears of joy while watching”

“God working in ways I’ve never seen before”

Main characters

  • Dave Walder left school young to enter full time ministry. After a 6 year break as a coffee barista, the Lord calls him to join a trip to Northern Kenya.
  • Simon Ndori, a former Samburu Moran – i.e. warrior who is now a Bishop leading a movement of 50 disciple making house churches.
  • Sam McKay a school leaver, who grew up in the church but is sceptical of anything he hasn’t seen with his own eyes.
  • Wycliffe Wasike, a Kenyan TV producer and documentarian who thinks he has been hired to film a typical conference
  • Joshua Bulle, a church planter working among Muslims on the Ethiopian border.
  • Galma Dokatu, a lay evangelist from Marsabit who gets healed from a stomach ulcer and baptised in the Holy Spirit.
  • David M. Taylor, who issues the call to all these people to come together and then draws everyone into an encounter with the Holy Spirit.
  • Lemisante, a man who hasn’t seen anything for 5 years.
  • Larupu, a boy who hasn’t walked ever in the 7 years of his life.

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  • Elisabeth Taylor
    27 December 2022 18:55

    I am very moved each time I watch this film. Only wish I could have experienced this earlier in life.

  • Margaret Tioko
    28 December 2022 10:55

    Wonderful all Glory belong to God

  • A mission journey with results.

  • Sandra Notz
    15 January 2023 20:52

    Bible scripture comes in mind! ‚Well done good & faithful servant‘
    Amazing what GOD did thru your outreach !
    So exciting !
    Thanks for sharing😃

  • Ana Maria Ampuero
    23 March 2023 20:48

    I am so blessed and encouraged to see God at work and to follow Jesus. I am empowered to pray for healing and deliverance for others.


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