Faith. Revival. Revelation.

We believe that faith is a verb. Faith is not what we believe, but it is the connection that enables us to do what we are called to do and to experience the promises that God has given us. We believe though we do not see; but faith is what empowers to see God’s goodness in action, through us. We believe that God is sovereign, the creator and sustainer of the universe but he chooses to involve us. Indeed, he generally chooses to limit himself to working through and with people.

In other words, revival will not one come as a supernatural intervention of God, rather it will be the result of a supernatural lifestyle, as a growing number of people bring their lives into alignment with the revealed word of God. We believe the word of God is expressed in the scripture and take biblical scripture as our reference standard. But we also fully aware that the Bible is interpreted through cultural and personal filters – our own included. For this reason, we believe that the experience of God speaking to us in the situations of our lives is essential and learning to hear his voice in our daily lives has to be our priority. Only then can we share in the experience of Biblical figures who did not have the written scriptures and still led vibrant spiritual lives. In other words: we live in in the expectation of relationship with a God who wants to speak to us, directly and individually and we refer to the Bible to confirms or correct our doctrines, beliefs and revelations.

We notice that in the Bible accounts, we do not see God revealing himself only after a perfect theological foundation has been laid. Instead we see God revealing himself to the uneducated and the poor in spirit. We see the educated experts of the law struggling to fit the revelation of Christ into their preconceptions. Nevertheless, we see Jesus teaching that his purpose was to fulfil and not to abolish the scriptures.

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