Healing physical and mental vision

Men walking as trees

“I see men who walk like trees”

Patterns and exceptions in the healing ministry

I have been privileged to see God opening blind eyes several times. The first was in Zimbabwe in 2016 when the Lord opened the eyes of Evermore. Since then, we have seen this miracle happen again and again, as can be seen most recently in our two Called+Empowered documentaries.

Miracles seem to follow certain patterns. I have noticed that usually there is someone called and empowered, who is preaching the good news of the Kingdom of God clearly and then agreeing with God expectantly. The atmosphere is usually charged. People have made sacrifices or travelled far to be there and there is no time pressure. One cannot approach the almighty God who dwells in eternity in a hurry. However, healing is not just about approaching God. Often it involves using our authority to deal with spiritual blockages. I usually rebuke a spirit of blindness before praying for restoration of vision.

Sometimes the exceptions to these patterns reveal interesting insights. So read on to see what we can learn from the time when Jesus seemed to struggle to open the eyes of a blind man. I also share a testimony from Germany which shows an interesting link between spiritual and natural vision.

Opening eyes in stages

When Jesus does it differently

Jesus once healed a blind man in an extraordinary way. He took the man out of the village by the hand and touched his eyes with his spittle. At first, the man could not see clearly. He said: “I see men walking like trees!” So Jesus touched him a second time. Then his sight was fully restored and Jesus sent him straight home with instructions not to go into the village. (Mark 8:22-25). Note that:

  1. This blind man had to trust someone he could not see and follow him to an unknown place. He had to leave his comfort zone. That was the key to his healing.
  2. Here it seems as if the Lord didn’t get instant results. This encourages us if healing does not occur immediately. Margret in our film “Called+Empowered 2” had a blind eye that was not healed instantly – it happened in stages over a few days.
  3. In the Bible, trees often represent the human spirit. So it seems that his spiritual sight was activated before his natural sight was restored. Seeing is more than eyeballs and brain cells and the Bible is more than poetry. It is packed with references to the unseen world that help us understand how we can work with God to set people free and heal them.

Anyone who has ever sung “Amazing Grace” understands the metaphor of spiritual blindness. But this passage shows us that spiritual vision is more than a metaphor, it is the underlying reality that supports natural vision. So when we see someone with natural vision problems, we first need to take care of the problems of the spiritual eyes.

Jesus put it like this. In Luke 11:34 (ESV) “Your eye is the lamp of your body. When your eye is healthy, your whole body is full of light, but when it is bad, your body is full of darkness”. Obviously he can’t be talking about natural eyes – otherwise it would say “if your eyes are healthy” .

The following example shows how this can work in practice.

Closing the third eye

Judith’s testimony

Recently, we were ministering to a lady. She needed her spiritual vision into the occult realm to be shut down. This led to the restoration of natural vision and mental clarity which had been impaired for 14 years.  

Judith attended a free+healed weekend in autumn in Germany. She was very confused and facing countless challenges. After that initial weekend, she was so full of hope that she was ready to drive 300 km per week to attend our 6 week Called+Empowered course.

Like a child, she she needed constant reassurance and was evidently quite confused. She was plagued by a heightened awareness of the demonic realm and she was also afraid of making mistakes. She sincerely wanted to know and do God’s will even in the tiniest daily details of daily life.

One evening, after Judith had already had some deliverance ministry, I proposed that we close her ‘third eye’. This is the esoteric term for the ability to see in the spirit realm. It corresponds to the biblical seer gifting or the discerning of Spirits. Judith derived a lot hope from having this unusual gift. But having seen our genuine concern for her welfare and the progress so far, she agreed to trust us and let it go.

Judith reported that when prayed that her spiritual eye into the realm of darkness be closed, her natural vision improved immediately. For 14 years she had found it hard to see and think clearly. But now she said she could see and think clearly again. Over the next few weeks,10 people on our course agreed to pray for her daily for 10 days. Also different members of our team stayed in close contact to support her as she began to establish new patterns  in daily life. It was wonderful to see the return of her natural, intelligent personality.

*Name changed.

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  • Daniela Moraru
    3 June 2024 17:26

    How needed this kind of ministry is (that Jesus did but our churches nowadays seldomly do it. )!
    You are doing the good things/ works that God has already prepared for you to walk in them.
    May He continue to strengthen you to bear many fruits!


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