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Pray Freedom training videos

Do you want to learn from the Bible how you can have more impact in ministry?
In the Pray Freedom course, on the Studyfaith platform, I go systematically through the key foundational topics.
A selection of the key videos are also freely available for a limited time on my Youtube channel.

Called+Empowered in N. Kenya 2022

The blind see, the lame walk. In this documentary you see miracles happening before your very eyes as a disappointed former minister accepts an invitation and dares to let God call and empower him. Along the way you will get a taste of life in Northern Kenya and meet characters from different tribes who have come together to learn how they too can not only speak the words but also do the works of Jesus.

Oktober News 2022 Diversity

Diversität und Inklusion gehören zu den heißesten Themen unserer Zeit – neben dem Klimawandel, versteht sich. Der Grund dafür, dass diese Themen heutzutage in den Medien so präsent sind, ist, dass viel Geld investiert wird, um sie für eine Strategie der politischen Kontrolle zu nutzen.

Download Fan of God film

Network problems spoiling the film? Then download it to view. Follow the link to go to Vimeo then find the download button below the video and choose the resolution you want…

Fan of God film

One night in Gojra follows Dave and Ghaffar to Gojra, connecting the tragic events of 2009 with their 2012 and 2022 crusade meetings and showing that the preaching and demonstration of the Gospel is the hope for reconciliation in communities all over the world.

A flood of miracles: Pakistan 2022

An amazing flow of miracles in Pakistan 2022 Praise God for eight wonderful, blessed days of crusades and leader training seminars where we saw the amazing power of the Lord…

Called+Empowered Early Readers

Get your free copy of the book “Called + Empowered” to speak the words and do the works of Jesus. In the short, easily readable chapters of this new book,…

Ministering below the surface

Ministering below the Surface

The ultimate guide to simple and effective inner healing and deliverance

Are you looking for the world’s simplest Christian counselling course? Or are you desperately looking for help to deal with struggles that no one understands?

Keys to church life

Keys to church life Bible study notes Peter Confesses Jesus as the Christ Matt. 16:13   When Jesus came into the region of Caesarea Philippi, He asked His disciples, saying, “Who…