Baby in the womb healed of Hydrocephalus

This is a repost from last year’s article. I am sharing it for a couple in Zurich who I just heard are facing a similar situation. 

“A miracle for a pregnant mother

As we are  learning to tap into the power of God’s love I found myself doing very unusual things. Ghaffar comes off the phone. He has just spoken with a pregnant woman in Lahore that we prayed for the previous Sunday. Sonia’s ultrasound had indicated a severe case of Hydrocephalus – water on the brain. An abortion would almost cetainly be recommended.

Two weeks before this trip Bob Hazlett had prophesied that my wife Isa would start to have an anointing for healing of brains. Now alone in Lahore, I imagined myself holding Isabelle’s hand in my left hand as I held the Sonia’s hand in my right hand. “Lord let that word become true now. Let the healing anointing for brains flow through me to this baby” I prayed. As I pictured the connection being made I felt nothing but Sonia’s hand began to vibrate powerfully. She said she felt the power of God flowing into her body.

Now as we are travelling we remembered to call her to ask what happened at the hospital. “Good news” smiles Ghaffar “They did another scan and the baby is perfect”. Thank you Jesus! Thank you Father for confirming you love and honoring our faith like this. At moments like this I am overwhelmed by the fear of the Lord. It is a weighty feeling of awe and reverence, mixed with an awareness of the sheer privilege to be part of such happenings.

Read the whole original post “Reflections from an Orphan Nation

I just read the email from the couple in question here in Switzerland who have shared their similar situation as a prayer request.

I started praying and pressing into the Father to ask him what to do. I feel the parents pain and I feel the Father’s compassion. Then I feel the fear of God. It is that trepidation of knowing that we have been entrusted with treasure in earthen vessels. Without him I am nothing. Without his grace I am nothing. Yet he has entrusted me with something – a secret, an experience, a divine channel or connection. It reminds of a dream the Lord once gave me.

I was told there was a secret passage behind a wall that would give us access to the fire escape. We could not find the hidden button. We searched and searched. Every now and then I walked to a hige window and watched huge dinosaur like beings fighting. Then I returned to seek the button. Finally I found it and the wall exploded. It was not one of those hidden trap doors that open and close to remain hidden. Once opened it could not be closed. I asked the Lord what it meant and after a long time he seemed to say, once we find the key the door is open for everyone else to enter.

We see this again and again in the life of Jesus – he presses into the Father to make a connection between heaven and earth and then he says to his disciples – go ahead – you do the same thing. Notice how none of his disciples had to go through the same wilderness experience or go to the cross to receive the authority that is imparted to them. Jesus does the hard work to create the breakthrough. He breaks the hole in the wall so that we can all enter the fire escape literally and easily.

I want to follow this thought more but right now I just need to get this post out their to build the faith of all our friends praying for P+S.

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  • Andi budianto
    October 28, 2017 7:22 pm

    Please ask you wife to pray healing upon us. The doctor just told us this afternoon about hydrocephallus. We dont know what to do. Please.

  • Hi, I am 22 weeks pregnant and my last scan showed part of the brain parically missing, a heart problems and club foot, I know how great God is so I ask that anyone reading this can pray for healing on my baby, thank you so much, God bless

  • Dear Chloe,
    In the Name of Jesus, We pray that your child be made whole and that all development be normal and normalised from this day forth.
    We break the power of every generational curse over you according to Ezekiel 18. The child will not be malformed on account of the sins of the parents.

    And as for the Doctors report we declare
    Romans 3:4 New King James Version (NKJV)
    4 Certainly not! Indeed, let God be true but every man a liar. As it is written:
    “That You may be justified in Your words,

    So Chloe start to declare the promises of the Lord and his blessings over your child


  • My sister is 18 weeks pregnant and has learned of a diagnosis that affects her baby’s muscles – doctors claiming she will never walk and also that she is not eating so no stomach maybe her jaw muscles or swallowing muscles don’t work 23 believe in the power of prayer and healing. Please whoever reads this claim it with us a healing this baby girl. God is not done with her yet we believe He will heal and make her whole!

  • Hello , i read your story and many others sobbing today! My perfect little girl alice is 29 weeks along and has a small cerrebellum, this could leave her disabled unable to walk and speak. I believe the lord is using this moment to draw me closer. THAT it has!!! Please pray for a healing in baby alice, i believe the lord can heal her with all my heart . Thank you!

  • Dear Alissah, This is my prayer for you:

    I declare now in the name of Jesus that this doctors report be cancelled. Let there be a perfect cerebellum for Alice. I break every generational curse that may be upon you, because Jesus was made a curse for all who believe through his death on the cross and so according to the prophecy of Ezekiel 18, generational curses shall no longer operate among the people of God. I loose you Alissah and Alice into perfect health and normal development to grow as a perfect unity in the love of the Lord, and I bind the plans of the enemy to take captive the little girl. Let healing flow in Jesus Name. Amen.

    Now I encourage you and your family/church family to do the same.
    Please let us know what happens.

  • Dear Liz, apologies for not replying til now. We were ministering in the Middle East when your note came in and forget to write back. But certainly I agree with you and claim for healing for this baby girl. In the name of Jesus I cancel the words of the doctor and in the name of Jesus I declare that all development be normalised in that child. Is the mother baptised?

  • My last scan shows large ventricles and little brain mantle with talipes… I want to have a healthy baby without any abnormality in Jesus name by my next scan in 2 days time I want everything to be normal.. God has kept this baby thus far… I want a miracle in Jesus name

  • Please pray for my daughter and her unborn baby. Yesterday we were told the baby has Spina Bifita. We are so scared, in shock and feeling helpless. She sees a specialist tomorrow. We want perfect health. Nothing less. Thank you. Zana

  • Harry C. Salces
    October 22, 2019 7:54 am

    Hello. I am 6 months pregnant now and we just learned from this month’s prenatal checkup that my baby has a cleft lip and possible cleft palate, too. Please pray for my baby. Please help me pray to God that my baby girl will be completely healed. I feel so down upon knowing my baby’s situation. How could this happen when I am very careful about my pregnancy? But I strongly believe that this is just a test of faith. I know God loves us all so much. And He loves my baby, too. He will completely heal my baby. Please include us in your prayers. Thank you so much.

    From Philippines

  • Please pray for a miracle for my unborn son who is suspected of a heart defect i pray for a miracle please thst every artery in my unborn baby sons heart be renewed. And my brother with a brain avm I pray for a healing for him as he awaits a major brain op please in jesus name

  • I feel so encouraged by this testimony. I just recently had a series of scans and the Doctor’s have informed us of a cleft lip and potential symbrachydactyly (webbing in the left hand). They have recommended amniocentesis to rule out any other issues and though initially I was shocked and overwhelmed by this report, I realize it doesn’t have to be my final report , we have continuously warded of fears throughout this pregnancy, bleeding and other high risk concerns. I am just asking you to pray with me and come in agreement that them Lord will heal our little girl and there will be no defect or abnormality or sickness, diseases or syndromes genetic or chromosomal. Thank you.

  • Our unborn baby has also been diagnosed with hydrocephalus and upon reading this ,I strongly believe that God will heal her before she is born in the name of Jesus

  • Kindly pray for my unborn child who has been diagnosed with csf

  • Kindly remember me in prayers for my unborn baby girl who’s scan shows hydrocephalus

  • Please pray my son who was born at 26 weeks, had a massive intraventricular hemorrhage, developed hydrocephalus and now has to undergo a fourth surgical procedure in 3 days. I am trusting God for a timely supernatural healing.

  • Katrina Stevenson
    August 17, 2020 12:55 am

    My dear friend in christ.
    I know this post is 2 years late but I wanted to ask you to pray for my baby boy abel. I am 22 weeks pregnant and he’s been diagnosed with chd hypoplastic left heart syndrome his whole left side of his heart is underdeveloped and he will Nedd open heart surgery 3 different stages im asking gm for your prayers to heal him whole in jesus mighty name if you could remember him. In your prayer I am soo grateful katrina.

  • Dear Katrina, I join with you now in Jesus Name and come into agreement with you for the healing of your son. May the power of the Holy Spirit overshadow you now as he overshadowed Mary and Elisabeth and may his healing power flow through you to heal. We declare perfect development in Jesus name.

  • Katrina Stevenson
    August 18, 2020 12:52 pm

    David m Taylor
    Thank you i have been declaring gods healing over abel and thank you for praying with me bless you

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