Here you will find inspiring testimonials, thoughts and insights into our Swiss and international work.

Filming people, privacy and God’s glory

Our website showcases numerous documentaries on miracles abroad. In Switzerland, privacy norms and camera aversion challenge our documentation efforts, revealing contrasts in attitudes to the role of testimony in public life.

Healing physical and mental vision

Patterns and exceptions in the healing ministry: I have had the privilege of God opening blind eyes several times. The first was in Zimbabwe in 2016 when the Lord opened Evermore’s eyes. Since then, we have experienced this miracle time and again, as can be seen most recently in our two Called+Empowered documentaries.

Dr Micah Moenga; head of Theology Department at PAC University Nairobi

Supernatural, academic and practical impartation

Dr Moenga Head of the School of Theology at PAC University trains and equips students from all over Africa. In this interview, he talks about being Called and Empowered and the challenges of equipping students for practical supernatural ministry.

David M. Taylor with Isabella Taylor

Invitation to partner

In this video I share our ministry journey so far and explain why we are asking for financial partners now. Thank you for considering becoming a partner with Free and Healed…
Samburu lady

Hospital bed sides vs Healing meetings

If you were for real, you would go and pray for people in hospitals rather than inviting people to a meeting! Answering an angry critic, with the example of what happened when Lucy started healing people in hospitals.

Pray Freedom training videos

Do you want to learn from the Bible how you can have more impact in ministry?
In the Pray Freedom course, on the Studyfaith platform, I go systematically through the key foundational topics.
A selection of the key videos are also freely available for a limited time on my Youtube channel.

Oktober News 2022 Diversity

Diversität und Inklusion gehören zu den heißesten Themen unserer Zeit – neben dem Klimawandel, versteht sich. Der Grund dafür, dass diese Themen heutzutage in den Medien so präsent sind, ist, dass viel Geld investiert wird, um sie für eine Strategie der politischen Kontrolle zu nutzen.

Fan of God film

One night in Gojra follows Dave and Ghaffar to Gojra, connecting the tragic events of 2009 with their 2012 and 2022 crusade meetings and showing that the preaching and demonstration of the Gospel is the hope for reconciliation in communities all over the world.

A flood of miracles: Pakistan 2022

An amazing flow of miracles in Pakistan 2022 Praise God for eight wonderful, blessed days of crusades and leader training seminars where we saw the amazing power of the Lord…

Honoring a forerunner

On 5.9.2017, Albert Taylor, founder of Christ Centred Therapy, and the lead author of “Ministering Below the Surface” went home to his well earned rest. He made a pioneering contribution…