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A well-structured book is the best way to grow in any topic. Our books save you painful years of trial and error.

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An introduction to a life of supernatural service

In “Called+Empowered” we investigate the heart of the Lord’s mission. We see how Jesus was prepared and equipped by the Holy Spirit and where he put the emphasis when he made disciples. By looking at the life of Christ from this perspective, we will discover keys for our own service.

This book also sparked the Called+Empowered film where you get to see the supernatural impact of this teaching.

Called + Empowered Book cover

English, German

Ministering below the Surface

The ultimate guide to simple and effective inner healing and deliverance

Are you looking for the world’s simplest Christian counselling course? Or are you desperately looking for help to deal with struggles that no one understands?

Ministering below the Surface will help you to help yourself and help others. It is designed to empower any believer in Jesus Christ in a way that is simple, scriptural, powerful and effective. Born out of decades of anointed ministry, this handbook focuses on the steps involved in practical ministry.

English, German, Portuguese, Finnish, Estonian, Spanish, Hindi, Urdu

Faith Tech

Possibly the ultimate tech

Do you ever feel the need to make decisions without a drop of evidence? In relationships, sports, culture and business we all use faith all the time. We make decisions without evidence constantly. So if we want to make better decisions, thinking about what faith is and how it works would be a good place to start.

We have an entire website dedicated to introducing the book Faith Tech Book.


Parents Empowered

We all want to raise healthy kids. But what does it take to prepare them to face all the emotional and spiritual challenges that life throws at us? Despite their best efforts, most parents will encounter a time where their child seems to be struggling with issues that threaten their ability to thrive. Perhaps they’re hurting inside or battling destructive attitudes and behaviour. Maybe they just don’t seem to be quite themselves.

English, German, Russian

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