Using AI to promote healing

Are you afraid of AI or are you using it? Many are afraid of AI, but we know that all tech can be used for good or evil. We are…

Fan of God film

One night in Gojra follows Dave and Ghaffar to Gojra, connecting the tragic events of 2009 with their 2012 and 2022 crusade meetings and showing that the preaching and demonstration of the Gospel is the hope for reconciliation in communities all over the world.

A flood of miracles: Pakistan 2022

An amazing flow of miracles in Pakistan 2022 Praise God for eight wonderful, blessed days of crusades and leader training seminars where we saw the amazing power of the Lord…

Film Waves of Love DE – Ströme der Liebe

Dieser Film ist für alle, die Gottes Kraft in ihrem Leben sehen möchten. Er zeigt auf bahnbrechende Weise innere Heilung, Befreiung und erstaunliche körperliche Heilungen.
Wie reagiert unser Körper auf tiefe Erfahrungen der Leidenschaft Gottes? Wie sind seltsame Zeichen einzuordnen?

Checklist for growing in discernment

Do you desire discernment? From miracle videos to fake news, discerning truth online makes the difference between being easy to inspire or easy to deceive. For some a shared video…

Parents Empowered

A unique resource for flourishing kids We all want to raise healthy kids. But what does it take to prepare them to face all the emotional and spiritual challenges that life throws…

How to raise the dead (1/3)

See your son lives The resurrection of the dead is one of the foundational doctrines listed in Hebrews 6. It is also one of the commands that Christ gave to…

Waves of Love

Essential viewing for anyone who wants to grow in their experience of the power of God. A ground-breaking film that brings you face to face with inner healing, deliverance and some astonishing physical miracles at a conference in Switzerland.

Guidance and the kingdom filter

In Romans 14:17 “For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit,” That means that when…