Dr Micah Moenga; head of Theology Department at PAC University Nairobi

Supernatural, academic and practical impartation

Dr Moenga Head of the School of Theology at PAC University trains and equips students from all over Africa. In this interview, he talks about being Called and Empowered and the challenges of equipping students for practical supernatural ministry.

Samburu lady

Hospital bed sides vs Healing meetings

If you were for real, you would go and pray for people in hospitals rather than inviting people to a meeting! Answering an angry critic, with the example of what happened when Lucy started healing people in hospitals.

Faith. Revival. Revelation.

We believe that faith is a verb. Faith is not what we believe, but it is the connection that enables…

Pray Freedom training videos

Do you want to learn from the Bible how you can have more impact in ministry?
In the Pray Freedom course, on the Studyfaith platform, I go systematically through the key foundational topics.
A selection of the key videos are also freely available for a limited time on my Youtube channel.

Keys to church life

Keys to church life Bible study notes Peter Confesses Jesus as the Christ Matt. 16:13   When Jesus came into the…

Checklist for growing in discernment

Do you desire discernment? From miracle videos to fake news, discerning truth online makes the difference between being easy to…