Pray Freedom training videos

Do you want to learn from the Bible how you can have more impact in ministry?
In the Pray Freedom course, on the Studyfaith platform, I go systematically through the key foundational topics.
A selection of the key videos are also freely available for a limited time on my Youtube channel.

Called+Empowered in N. Kenya 2022

The blind see, the lame walk. In this documentary you see miracles happening before your very eyes as a disappointed former minister accepts an invitation and dares to let God call and empower him. Along the way you will get a taste of life in Northern Kenya and meet characters from different tribes who have come together to learn how they too can not only speak the words but also do the works of Jesus.

Fan of God film

One night in Gojra follows Dave and Ghaffar to Gojra, connecting the tragic events of 2009 with their 2012 and 2022 crusade meetings and showing that the preaching and demonstration of the Gospel is the hope for reconciliation in communities all over the world.

Film Waves of Love DE – Strömen der Liebe

  See English version Waves of Love – Ströme der Liebe Dieser 16-minütige Film ist ein Muss für alle, die möchten dass Gottes Kraft in ihrem Leben zunimmt. In bahnbrechender…

Auf der Suche nach Gottes Herrlichkeit

Dieser 13-minütige Film, der während einer free + healed Konferenz über innere Heilung und Befreiung in Kerala, Indien gedreht wurde, gibt einen Einblick in das, was Gott in und durch…

God’s own glory

God’s own glory Shot during a free+healed inner healing and deliverance conference in Kerala, this 13-minute film brings you face to face with glorious miracles. Including beautifully filmed testimonies of…

Willst du Wunder sehen?

Überall, wo wir hingehen, sei es in im Ausland oder in der Schweiz, erleben wir Heilungswunder. Willst du auch Wunder sehen? Gibt es irgendwelche Geheimnisse oder Prinzipien die dafür wichtig sind? Dann ist dieser Kurzfilm für dich.

Waves of Love

Essential viewing for anyone who wants to grow in their experience of the power of God. A ground-breaking film that brings you face to face with inner healing, deliverance and some astonishing physical miracles at a conference in Switzerland.

From everywhere to Evermore

A blind man sees again! Wherever we go, whether it is abroad or in Switzerland, we experience healing miracles. A collection of miracle highlights from 5 years of international ministry…

Hope Trip Binga-Zimbabwe

The video below introduces the team, our heart and vision and will encourage you with miracle testimonies that the free+healed team has experienced in Zimbabwe and other parts of the…

Revival Days 2016 Zeugnisse

Gottes Kraft sichtbar auch in der Schweiz Im März 2016, nahmen wir an den Revival Days mit Randy Clark teil und durften von diesem grossartigen Mann wieder sehr viel lernen.…

Healing Foundations Conference

Healing Foundations, Zimbabwe 2015 Experience the atmosphere and feel the joy, that is only possible when our lives are established on a healing foundation. A film about a trip to…