Core convictions that liberate

The life and work of Christ culiminated in his death on the Cross. There Jesus became the Lamb of God who died to atone for the sins of those who put their trust in him. If you make him your Saviour then he must also be your Lord and that means you become one of his disciples – followers – with all that entails.

Our liberating core conviction is that ordinary believers are meant to have a supernatural impact wherever they go by following Jesus. His core message of Jesus was outlined in an incident described in Luke 4.18 Jesus saw himself as someone anointed with the Spirit of God to accomplish the following purposes:

  1. preach THE good news to those in distress
  2. heal the broken-hearted
  3. set the captives free and
  4. proclaim liberty to the captives.

The first thing that Jesus needed ordinary religious people to do, was to receive him and draw on his anointing to get their own lives sorted out and cleaned up through obedience to his words. He gave his followers and by implication later generations of believers, the same commission and the power to accomplish it. So through the power that only God the Father can give, we help people to get free and healed and we help them to help others in the same way.

Convictions that liberate

Most people have never heard this message, preached, taught and demonstrated. Where people have heard about the Christian faith, it is often reduced to a matter of intellectual assent or dogmatic belief. We believe it is about having life in all its fullness – but to experience that life, you need to be free and healed. And you need to live a lifestyle of service to others.