Ministering as Jesus did

Teach. Show. Activate.

We teach people to unpack and understand scripture, as Christ did.

Biblical truths and realities are the keys to transformation in individuals, families, churches and communities. It is all about the shift from dead religion to living relationship. From strife to shalom. From works to grace, from efforts to empowerment.

We show you what happens when the truth is applied,  as Christ did.

We heal the sick and cast out demons in accordance with the commands of Jesus. We produce inspiring films about the work of the Holy Spirit. Our inspiring short films capture the flavour of our mission trips and leave you with a bunch of questions, because we show what happens when the power of God is working.

We activate faith and impart all that we can, as Christ did.

When Jesus gave his disciples power and authority he said “Freely you have received freely give.” God is the giver of the gift but we help you receive it. This is the much debated concept of impartation.