Fire of God in Eldoret 2/9

In August, I landed in Kenya with Bro Jo and Sam Aus der Au and we headed by road up the beautiful Rift Valley, crossed the equator at a chilly 3’000 metres a.s.l.. and arrived in Eldoret, where John lives and leads Christ Transformation Centre, Eldoret. It is a little church that meets in a rented restaurant in the corner of the main shuttle bus park of Eldoret. About 45 people were already singing when we arrived and joined the service.

After a long worship time, we were introduced and I spoke on the Messianic anointing and the reaction of those who knew Jesus in Nazareth. It seemed to me that the people were reacting similarly to those in the passage in Luke 4. They had grown up with Jesus and there was little expectation that anything new would happen. I was just about to hand over to Joseph Tea, when I was led by the spirit to call for anyone with a flickering eye condition. One of the church members responded and from there things began to open up. He felt the Lord touch him and the faith level rose. Then we rushed through a mini message on forgiveness and went straight to the application, using the clenched fist/open palm exercise to help people express the decision to forgive. It was wonderful to see people the breakthrough this brought and also to see a number of individuals getting delivered from a spirit of unforgiveness then and later.

After that Joseph Tea thanked the congregation for lending their pastor to the body in Switzerland and Asia but then spoke on how the Lord wants to equip the entire congregation and not just the travelling pastors.

As we began to lay hands on people the Holy Spirit started to fall on people powerfully and many fell to the ground. Our plan was to take the keyboard player Edwin from Eldoret to lead worship in Kisii and so unsurprisingly the Holy Spirit began to equip Edwin. He described the feeling as an incredible power hitting his body with intensely refreshing cold water rushing through his body. That was the beginning of many encounters he had with the Lord in the following days that transformed his life.

Besides the Spirit falling and people falling there was also a flow of prophetic prayer as people were confirmed in their callings and giftings.

Finally, when Joseph Tea prayed for one young man he began to bounce like a pogo stick as he first experienced a ring of fire around his hands and then was taken up into a heavenly vision. In heaven he heard a voice, which was highly significant for anyone desiring to grow in the Lord and in the spirit.

“Behold I the Lord your God, am raising up you people in regard of how submissive your hearts are.”

Wherever you stand in your walk with Jesus, the next step, the next level will be limited not by God’s sovereign will, desire, plan for your life or anything else, but by your submission. This is because our God who is love, never forces his agenda or will on anyone. We have to submit our heart to him in order to move into alignment with his purposes and his purpose is to raise us up.

Our heart is the centre of our being – the place of our deepest desires and motives, our ethics and our will.

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  • Nicodemus Orina
    July 13, 2016 9:40 am

    Praise our Lord It was an awesome experience to have ministered with you for the days you were in Ogembo be blessed always

  • Nicodemus Orina
    July 13, 2016 9:40 am

    Praise our Lord It was an awesome experience to have ministered with you for the days you were in Ogembo be blessed always

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