Friends and brothers

Building on a friendship from David and Isabella’s Revival Training School time, we work with a local church movement in Kenya.

Rev. John & Justa Shiundu are the leaders of Christ Transformation Centre, an indigenous network with a congregation in Eldoret and activities in the Kisii and Isiolo regions. John had been inviting us to visit for years.

David writes “He had been with us in Switzerland, Pakistan and Thailand and had become ‘a friend who is closer that a brother’, yet I had never met his children or seen his home. After the death of my natural brother in Spring 2015, when once again John was such an amazing support, I said I wanted to come and see him and just support him in any way he wanted me to.”

The result was the Power to Change Kenya 2015 mission trip with Joseph Tea and Sam. We saw God move powerfully and documented some of the events and stories in an exciting film.

The report of the trip will be spread across forthcoming blog posts.

Country background

The East African country Kenya has many things going for it. Large parts of the country enjoy a pleasant climate and fertile conditions for agriculture. Tourism flourished in Kenya until the recent Islamic terrorist attacks and it is famous for superb safaris and beach holidays.

The Kenyans were receptive to the gospel and there has been a large missionary presence in the country for a century. As result Christianity, is the dominant faith with a prominent role in society and public life. Figures vary, but apparently more than 50% of Kenyans actively practice their Christian faith. Turn on the TV and you will see a worship band, or the weekend newspaper will feature an interview with a famous Kenyan singer who will be explaining that gospel music is not a music style, but an attitude of the heart – of worship.

So is it really right to invest in the church in Kenya at a time when Christians are being persecuted and Europe and America are steadily declining as the last echoes of Christian common-sense are fading? The answer is certainly: because the kingdom of God is built on family and on relationships and not strategies. And one of our best friends, John Shiundu, lives in Kenya.

Power to Change – Kenya 2015 film

A film about the Power of God touching a group of people in Kenya and giving them the power to change. It is a story of healings, inner healings and deliverance witnessed during a short mission trip. It is also a story of a fantasy author who comes to experience fanstastic things happening by the Holy Spirit in his own life.

> Watch the film here

Films and reports from past trips to Kenya

Archers Post Mission Pre-trip infos

We are working with a team of indigenous pastors who are reaching various tribes in the band between Archers Post and Maralal. This team is engaged in evangelism and basic discipleship work, with new vigour following a Global Discipleship Alliance training last year. The request is for us to come in and take these full-timers…
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