What is Ministering Below the Surface?

Ministering Below the Surface (MBS), is an approach to helping people experience inner healing and deliverance. Originally known as Christ-centred transformation or therapy (CCT) it: 

  • Keeps central the work of Jesus Christ on the cross
  • Deals with the roots of problems as opposed to the symptoms
  • Involves a combination of insights, decisions, prayer steps and the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit

Christian counselling made simple
On the cross, Christ dealt with sins, sickness and the work of Satan. In the book “Ministering Below the Surface” we learn how to recognize and deal with sin and its effects. Someone’s sin – not necessarily yours – underlies all your problems. You can only deal with your own sins, and your own reactions to other’s sinful behaviour. Sin also leads to hurts. How can hurts be healed? That’s the work of the Holy Spirit. But we can learn how to facilitate his work. Futhermore, Christ destroyed the work of Satan on the cross. Freedom from the demonic and all it’s effects is possible for every Christian who chooses to apply this victory in their lives and sweep their house clean.

Materials that liberate and equip

Watch Albert talking about his life’s work, his intentions and the legacy of “Ministering Below the Surface” Book in this video that was shot in May 2017. The edit was finalised the week before Albert’s death with him contributing to the finding and scanning the Ugandan photos. It was a joy to know that he got to see this before he ‘graduated’.

On 5.9.2017, Albert Taylor, founder of Christ Centred Therapy and the lead author of “Ministering Below the Surface” went home to his well earned rest. He made a pioneering contribution to the spread of the teaching and practice of inner healing and deliverance and left a spiritual legacy in many lives.

Find out about the Albert Taylor Memorial Project fund here

Explore the “Ministering Below the Surface” at the legacy site.

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