Ministering below the Surface

Are you looking for the world’s simplest Christian counselling course? Or are you desperately looking for help to deal with struggles that no one understands?

The Ministering below the Surface (MBS) books will help you to help yourself and help others. Designed to empower any believer in Jesus Christ, MBS is a simple, scriptural, powerful and effective approach to learning prayer ministry. Born out of decades of anointed ministry, this book:

  • Deals with the roots of problems as opposed to the symptoms
  • Involves a combination of insights, decisions, prayer steps and the supernatural work of the Holy Spiri
  • Is suitable for the individual or group study.

Through simple teaching of biblical concepts this book will equip helper and help-seekers alike to:

• Remove the blockages to relationship resulting from your own sin
• Overcome the problems that result from hurtful experiences
• Learn to forgive others
• Learn to accept God’s forgiveness
• Understand what demons and evil spirits are and what they do
• Understand the natural and spiritual entry points for demons
• Use simple and effective prayer steps to get rid of demons

Albert and Elisabeth Taylor taught inner healing and deliverance on four continents over more than forty years. Their compassion for hurting people and their patient commitment to removing the deep blockages tha prevent healing and freedom has resulted in countless testimonies of lasting change in the lives of people all over the world.

David M. Taylor holds a Masters in Experimental Psychology from Cambridge University, England. He is a writer, producer and founder of free+healed ministry.

In this book, the Taylors condense all their experience into a remarkably simple and clear handbook for any Christian looking for sound biblical guidance in these vital topics. After all, deliverance ministry was a major feature in the life of Jesus and it has been a controversial topic throughout church history. At the same time, Christ had a particular interest in healing the broken-hearted. As the Kingdom of God continues to expand and clash with the powers of darkness in individual lives, the importance of a balanced understanding of deliverance and it’s relationship to other Christian basics remains.

Amazon 5 star reviews

By Anneli and Pekka Tommola,, Finland, April 22, 2016
“Ministering Below the Surface is a clear guidebook for everyone who wants to find the real roots to his or her problems and to learn to handle them, or who wants to help others in these matters. The book illuminates freshly the Bible principles concerning the need of a man to be forgiven, to be healed of the wounds and to be delivered from spiritual powers. The book differs from many other books concerning the same topic, in that it gives simple and clear guidelines for practical action. The full extent of the atonement of Jesus Christ can be easily received by anyone through this book. The teachings of Albert and Elisabeth Taylor are based on their experiences in many countries where God has done mighty things through them. We have ourselves applied the teachings of the book and found that they have brought tangible help.”

By Amazon Customer on January 17, 2017
Powerful, practical and easy to read! Author has very in dept knowledge of subject matter. My kind of book!

By Truthseeker on April 7, 2016
When the Taylors started ministering in Africa, theological study hadn’t prepared them for the spiritual realities they encountered. This book is a compendium of the practical lessons they learned relating to physical healing (body), inner healing (soul), and freedom from all kinds of curses, oppression and bondage (spirit).

I found many of the concepts useful as they are simple, easy to remember (and teach) and well presented, with just the right amount of background theory. It is not a highly theological treatise but makes good Biblical sense. Practical examples and true testimonies make the reading inspirational.

When I read Ministering Below the Surface I had recently begun to see people healed and touched as I prayed for them, but was still way out of my depth with certain challenges: spiritual bondage, inner wounds, manifestations… This reading was very helpful in taking my confidence to the next level – and the effectiveness of my prayer/counselling.

Here’s news to some: It doesn’t matter where you live. The same God, and the same kinds of spirits, are at work in every country. They may not be as visible … that’s why this book is about ministering BELOW the surface. The Taylors’ lessons are equally applicable in east and west. Don’t be fooled. Don’t be complacent. The church must become free and healed if we are to minister the same healing and freedom in love to our neighbours.

Serving in power is for every follower of Jesus!

By Ana Maria on April 7, 2016
I’ve been using the prayer tools and teaching material developed by Albert and Elisabeth Taylor for many years, with wonderful results with hundreds of people. Easy to learn, very practical and biblically sound. Most of all the people ministered to end up being equipped to continue the battle for their own freedom and sanctification in Christ. Small groups in my church use it as study material and healing at the same time. I strongly recommend it. ”
Pastor Ana Maria Ampuero, Iñaquito Evangelical Church, Quito, Ecuador. Master in Christian Studies, Regent College, Vancouver, Canada.

By Maria Towanda on May 18, 2016
It’s fantastic to have such a clear, practical and comprehensive tool that combines elements of psychology and counseling with the essentials: the Biblical foundations and principles for inner healing and deliverance, so clearly illustrated in the real cases and testimonies presented. Taking Isaiah 61:1-3 and Luke 4:14-21 as the core Scriptures, “Ministering Below the Surface” manages to recapture Jesus’ ministry 2000 years ago, which He delegated to His church himself. In plain language, the authors direct us to take responsability for our actions, and find the root of the problem, plus the steps to be set free. A work that reflects their humble, serious, wise and generous attitude in dealing with such a sensitive issue as the healing of the soul and body is. Not a book for casual reading or interest, it needs to be read, as the authors say, “asking the Holy Spirit to guide your thoughts and confirm the truth”, and ideally with the appropriate guidance from a person involved in the ministry. So if you are ready to take responsibility for your spiritual life, then this is a great book to help you along!
María Pibernus – Iglesia Siquem, Buenos Aires – Argentina

By Tais on April 8, 2016
This is not a book to read while you are sipping you tea. This is a hands-on manual for inner healing and it is written in a very accessible way. It will make you look to your past but not to be stuck in there – quite the contrary: with the Spirit’s help the reader will taste freedom. I read the book while studying with a small group of people during a long weekend many years ago, and we experienced forgiveness and spiritual healing.

By Amazon Customer on April 13, 2016
I really liked the book, you really don’t have to be a theologian to apply its wisdom, it’s easy to read, concise, also full of experiences and testimonies, biblically sound…I highly recommend it to everybody at every level, I did the steps with a friend while I was still reading it and it worked great, she was freed and wanted to learn to help other people too!

By Ajay A on May 23, 2016
A systematic and extensive guide to receiving and ministering inner healing and deliverance.
It would be more than worth the effort for every Christian to work through this book.
An invaluable guide for Churches to start practicing the ministry of inner healing and deliverance.