Partnering and equipping

Building on a friendship from David and Isabella’s Revival Training School time, we have been working with a local church movement, Gospel of the Kingdom Ministries in Pakistan since 2011. Our goal is to equip them with spiritual understanding to stand boldly and powerfully and to shine in their dark land.

Pakistan is ranked one of the worst countries in the world in most international studies: from corruption, to Islamic terrorism and persecution of Christians or violence against women. The nation was founded to put an end to the violent disputes between Indian Hindus and Muslims at the time of Indian independence. But to this day, it struggles with a particular cocktail of toxic problems. For decades America poured billions of dollars in to support the Pakistani government in the battle against radical Islam, only to find Bin Laden happily living under the noses of the Pakistani military.

So what does this show? Well it ain’t rocket science! If you have a nation that is 97% Muslim, don’t invest in their army! Invest in those who preach the gospel. Only the Gospel of Jesus Christ can bring hope in such situations. Only Jesus gives a formula for breaking out of the cycle of revenge and retaliation. Islam requires that you kill someone who turns away from the Muslim religion. But Jesus says love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.

Hope Trip Pakistan Film

The country hits the news frequently as a failed state and a hotbed of terrorism where Christians live in fear of the ‘black 295c blasphemy law’. Few foreigners dare to visit.

This film reports on the work of a bold team of three missionaries who ventured into Pakistan in 2013 to support a local church ministry with a two week programme of teaching and outreach. Experience the excitement and the hear the miracle testimonies with Revival Trainer David M. Taylor and best-selling author Joseph Tea G from Swritzerland and Pastor John Shiundu, from Kenya.

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Films and reports from past trips to Pakistan

Er müsste schon längst tot sein

free+healded Seminar in Weinfelden in July 2014 “Der Geist des Friedens” Aus der Thurgauer Zeitung. July 30 2014: Ghaffar Bhatti müsste längst tot sein. Stattdessen ist der pakistanische Pfarrer und Sozialunternehmer kommenden Samstag, 2.August 2014 in Weinfelden zu sehen und verbreitet eine Botschaft des Friedens. Eigentlich hat in Ghaffars Leben alles gut angefangen. Ghaffar Bhatti verlässt die Schule…
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Geist des Friedens – Seminar mit Ghaffar Bhatti

Sehnst du dich nach mehr von der Kraft des Heiligen Geistes in deinem Leben? Willst du inspiriert und ausgerüstet werden? Ghaffar Bhatti ist ein Pastor aus Pakistan. Trotz ständiger Gefahr organisiert er Grossevangelisationen und erlebt wie Gott grosse Wunder tut. Menschen werden von schweren Krankheiten geheilt. Andere werden befreit und erhalten einen klaren Verstand. Und…
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GKCM ministry expanding

Gospel of the Kingdom Church Ministries (GKCM), with which we are partnered, is like the Kingdom of Heaven itself. It just keeps growing and more and more people are able to find shade under its branches. In 2013, besides the pastoral work in a growing church and evangelistic crusades and church planting across Punjab region,…
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Outreach planned near Joseph Colony

A mob of several thousand Muslims destroyed over 175 homes in a Christian colony (ghetto) in Lahore, Pakistan. The trouble began after two friends got into an argument and the Muslim barber accused the Christian plumber of blasphemy. Fearing trouble the Christians fled their homes. After Friday prayers the followers of ‘the religion of peace’…
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