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Refresh becomes Revivalist

In this past year I have become more aware that I am no longer satisfied with the name Refresh. When you reload or refresh a website, you usually get the same information slightly updated. Refresh also relates to refreshments – oranges at half time. And then there is the Refreshing weekend break that the tourism industry also talks about.

As an evangelist, I am calling for more than a refresh.  I am calling people to change their domain.

As a healing evangelist, I am believing and now starting to see, major miracles – more than a refreshment of tired limbs or hearts. In my recent trips we had testimonies of a tumour disappearing and diabetes being healed and many more. This is more than refreshing – it is an expression of the life of God flowing into dead bones.

Hence Revivalist – I believe that we can teach the principles of revival and I know that we can also impart the spirit of revival.

Welcome to Revivalist.

Enjoy the reports and leave a comment to encourage us.


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