Building on a friendship from David and Isabella’s Revival Training School time, we work with a local church movement in Zimbabwe. Zim, is a predominantly Christian country, where there is freedom of worship. However, the country has failed to establish a culture of openness that would allow healthy economic and political development. On the contrary, with the infrastructure crumbling, the hardship is increasing and people are desperate for any kind of supernatural help.

In this atmosphere, GHM Ministries is pushing ahead with church planting in Harare and in remote rural regions. Thanks to miracles, signs and wonders the church is growing through new conversions rather than church transfers. As guest ministers we have supported this growth with the sound biblical teaching and the ministry of inner healing and deliverance.

About GHM

GHM is a church ministry in Harare, Zimbabwe. It has 14 branches/assemblies with an average of 40 members each in different provinces of Zimbabwe. The vision is to reach the un-reached masses in remote rural, farming and mining communities with the saving gospel of Jesus Christ. Its main thrust is evangelism through mass out door open air crusades and one on one strategy, disciple training and church planting. The organization is registered with the government of Zimbabwe and also with the Evangelical fellowship of Zimbabwe.

About the Founder of GHM

Apostle MT* writes

I grow up in a catholic and traditional setup. In 1992, the year I finished my diploma in Business studies, I got born again, water baptized and spirit filled. Then I become a youth minister/leader with a local church until I received my call in 1996. I and my wife hold diploma in Ministry and Pastoral studies with a local bible school. In 1997 October, I started GHM conducting Open Air preaching in the streets of Harare where many people were saved, healed and delivered. In 2002, then started to preach outside Harare in rural and un-reached areas where many were also saved, healed from different sicknesses, delivered and baptized.

Films from past trips to Zimbabwe

Hope Trip Binga-Zimbabwe

The video below introduces the team, our heart and vision and will encourage you with miracle testimonies that the free+healed team has experienced in Zimbabwe and other parts of the world. What we are going to do Outreach meetings and conference In Harare, weekend conference: “Healing Advances” with activation training. Binga Conference program Tuesday to…
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The heart to serve

Martin Toga and David Taylor talking about what just happened at the Great Harverst Focus Conference in Gweru, Zimbabwe. We expereinced an accelerated move of God and Martin explains how the combination of prayer, fasting, seeking the face of God and teaching on forgiveness led people into a place where they could respond to the…
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Hope Trip Zimbabwe Film

This is a mission trip report / revival training video covering the themes of forgiveness, deliverance and hope. David & Isabella Taylor are guest ministers at a 2014 April conference. This dynamic documentary highlights the connection between teaching on forgiveness and the flow of God’s healing power. We also see biblical deliverance is transforming lives today.…
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