Miracles, Faith and Forgiveness, not just in Northern Kenya

The blind see and the lame walk – again, but in the second Called+Empowered documentary, the question is why does God do miracles, can we expect them and what’s the link to forgiveness?

Margaret was blind in one eye. Now she sees clearly. Jemima’s allergies and ovarian cyst syndrome were healed. Thirteen year-old Elizabeth walks for the first time in her life. They are just a few of the miracles that you will vividly experience in the week that you’re about to witness.

The free+healed team travels to one of the most remote corners of Africa. A village called Naipa in north-western Kenya, where the Turkana people struggle to survive as goat herders, living in constant fear of raids by neighbouring tribes. We are there at the invitation of Ruth and Kosmas, two pastors whom we introduced to the person and power of the Holy Spirit and the message of forgiveness 10 months ago.

But how safe will our journey be? What will we experience when we gather a group in the regional capital, Lodwar, to teach the principles of supernatural ministry and hold an open-air crusade for displaced people?

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