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Calling + Empowering

free+healed helps individuals and groups discover the freedom and healing that Jesus Christ offers. We call and we empower. Working with local leaders, we teach transforming biblical truth, show the power of God and activate spiritual gifts. Our fields are:

That’s what we do. Now meet the founders.

Or watch the ‘Evermore’ film with miracle highlights from 5 years of international ministry.

Free featured film


The blind see and the lame walk in this vivid full length documentary about new hope or disappointed believers.

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Revival is now. We can help you experience it.

Event News

Upcoming and recent events

Berichts- und Film-Abend im BIG, Weinfelden

Montag 4. Dez. 23

An diesem Abend berichten Jyoti und Kathleen Guptara und David Taylor mit Filmen, Fotos und Geschichten von unserer letzten Reise nach Kenia im August 2023. Erfahre innere Heilung, Befreiung oder eine Berührung des Heiligen Geistes.

Berufen + Bevollmächtigt Kurs 2024

Ab 17. Januar 2024 einen 6-wöchigen Kurs

In diesem Kurs werden wir lernen, die gleichen Werke wie Jesus zu tun. Es geht darum, wie wir durch die Kraft Gottes Menschen heilen und befreien können.

Weekly Disciples Meeting

Wir essen zusammen in verschiedenen Häusern, beschäftigen uns interaktiv mit dem Wort Gottes, tauschen Geschichten über Gott aus, singen Lobpreislieder und erleben immer wieder Gottes Kraft.

Top posts blog

Here are some of our favourite posts. For more, follow the links in the main menu.

Academic and practical

Dr Moenga Head of the School of Theology at PAC University trains and equips students from all over Africa. In this interview, he talks about being Called and Empowered and the challenges of equipping students for practical supernatural ministry.

Invitation to partner

In this video I share our ministry journey so far and explain why we are asking for financial partners now. Thank…

Hospital bed sides vs Healing meetings

If you were for real, you would go and pray for people in hospitals rather than inviting people to a meeting! Answering an angry critic, with the example of what happened when Lucy started healing people in hospitals.

Pray Freedom training videos

Do you want to learn from the Bible how you can have more impact in ministry?
In the Pray Freedom course, on the Studyfaith platform, I go systematically through the key foundational topics.
A selection of the key videos are also freely available for a limited time on my Youtube channel.

More films

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What now?

Contact us if you are interested in having someone from free+healed come for

  • Sunday Services
    You can invite David or one of the team to speak in your church.
  • Revival training weekends
    4-5 sessions over a long weekend to clear blockages, minister healing and impart gifts of the Spirit.
  • Watch parties or film evenings
    Invite people into your home to watch a feature length documentary and join you to lead the follow-up discussion and pray for the sick.

Or check out our valuable training materials

  • Books 
    Our ministry focussed books have been used all over the world to equip for supernatural ministry.
  • StudyFaith
    Our online training course.
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