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We help individuals and groups discover the reality of the freedom and healing that Jesus Christ offers. We introduce people to a deeper understanding of their identity and authority in Christ. We unpack the scriptures to show the life-giving principles and patterns. We lead people to an encounter with the power of God that brings deliverance and healing. Above all, we introduce them to a relationship with the Holy Spirit so that they can know Christ and live free+healed.

The free+healed team is available to minister to groups: we teach the keys, train through practical demonstrations, inspire with true stories and impart spiritual gifts and blessings.

Our activities

Our four focus areas

We teach the Word of God and demonstrate its power with signs and wonders.

We make people conscious of the biblical truths and realities that are the keys to transformation in individuals, families, churches and communities. It is all about the shift from dead religion to living relationship. From strife to shalom. From works to grace, from efforts to empowerment.

The Free+Healed website is a place where we share our thoughts to teach, train and inspire. And the Free+Healed is a team that can come in and minister to your church and impart supernatural blessings.

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Weekly Disciples Meeting

It’s all about becoming rooted and grounded in the whole counsel of scripture and knowing God through the Holy Spirit.…
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