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We help individuals and groups discover the reality of the freedom and healing that Jesus Christ offers. We introduce people to a deeper understanding of their identity and authority in Christ. We unpack the scriptures to show the life-giving principles and patterns. We lead people to an encounter with the power of God that brings deliverance and healing. Above all, we introduce them to a relationship with the Holy Spirit so that they can know Christ and live free+healed.

The free+healed team is available to minister to groups: we teach the keys, train through practical demonstrations, inspire with true stories and impart spiritual gifts and blessings.

Our activities

We teach the Word of God
and demonstrate its power with signs and wonders.

We make people conscious of the biblical truths and realities that are the keys to transformation in individuals, families, churches and communities. It is all about the shift from dead religion to living relationship. From strife to shalom. From works to grace, from efforts to empowerment.

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Checklist for growing in discernment

Do you desire discernment? From miracle videos to fake news, discerning truth online makes the difference between being easy to inspire or easy to deceive. For some a shared video is perfect proof that God exists, for others it is a cleverly staged trick. How can you tell the difference? Is that even possible when…

Deutschland betet gemeinsam – doch wer tut Buße?

Deutschland betet gemeinsam – doch wer tut Buße? Follow-up zu ein Bodensee Revival Leiter Treff Zoom Call. Datum: Mitten in der Corona Zeit.  Während des Zoom-Anrufs letzte Woche dachte ich, ich würde schweigen, da wir nur eine Minute Redezeit hatten. 60 Sekunden sind einfach nicht genug Zeit, um ein Problem anzusprechen und konkrete Lösungsvorschläge zu…

Gottesdienst in Salem, DE

Alle sind eingeladen. Gottesdienst in 88682 Salem, Deutschland. 06 Oktober 2019.
Es wird ein kraftvoller morgen mit Zeichen der Herrlichkeit Gottes, Heilung und Befreiung wird passieren.

Parents Empowered

A unique resource for flourishing kids We all want to raise healthy kids. But what does it take to prepare them to face all the emotional and spiritual challenges that life throws at us? Despite their best efforts, most parents will encounter a time where their child seems to be struggling with issues that threaten their ability…

From everywhere to Evermore

A blind man sees again! Wherever we go, whether it is abroad or in Switzerland, we experience healing miracles. A collection of miracle highlights from 5 years of international ministry trips. Join the free+healed team as they go to Zimbabwe, Kenya and Pakistan and see the overwhelming evidence that Jesus is alive and working through…

Willst du Wunder sehen?

Überall, wo wir hingehen, sei es in im Ausland oder in der Schweiz, erleben wir Heilungswunder. Willst du auch Wunder sehen? Gibt es irgendwelche Geheimnisse oder Prinzipien die dafür wichtig sind? Dann ist dieser Kurzfilm für dich.

Hope Trip Binga-Zimbabwe

The video below introduces the team, our heart and vision and will encourage you with miracle testimonies that the free+healed team has experienced in Zimbabwe and other parts of the world. What we are going to do Outreach meetings and conference In Harare, weekend conference: “Healing Advances” with activation training. Binga Conference program Tuesday to…

Revival Days 2016 Zeugnisse

Gottes Kraft sichtbar auch in der Schweiz Im März 2016, nahmen wir an den Revival Days mit Randy Clark teil und durften von diesem grossartigen Mann wieder sehr viel lernen. Randy ist für mich ein genialer Lehrer, ein Vorbild und vor allem ein gesalbter Mann, der es versteht, Leute mit der Kraft des Heiligen Geistes…

Weekly Disciples Meeting

It’s all about becoming rooted and grounded in the whole counsel of scripture and knowing God through the Holy Spirit. It’s about being equipped and empowered to minister and developing the character to match the giftings. We study the Word of God holistically to renew our minds and we discuss developments in our various ministry…

Healing Foundations Conference

Healing Foundations, Zimbabwe 2015 Experience the atmosphere and feel the joy, that is only possible when our lives are established on a healing foundation. A film about a trip to lay some spiritual foundations for a new church with outreach meetings and a conference in Harare, Zimbabwe. Meet Vito who deals with some bad roots…

Power to Change Kenya

Power to Change is our longest Revivalist film to date. It is an informative 18 minute introduction to the power of the Holy Spirit, as we have witnessed it in our revival training meetings. Learn about the various, sometimes dramatic manifestations that you may see when God’s power touches people and hear the personal statements…

Hope Trip Zimbabwe Film

This is a mission trip report / revival training video covering the themes of forgiveness, deliverance and hope. David & Isabella Taylor are guest ministers at a 2014 April conference. This dynamic documentary highlights the connection between teaching on forgiveness and the flow of God’s healing power. We also see biblical deliverance is transforming lives today.…

Free and Healed is a place where we share our thoughts to teach, train and inspire. And Free and Healed is a team that can come in and minister to your church and impart supernatural blessings.

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