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In this video I share our ministry journey so far and explain why we are asking for financial partners now. Thank you for considering becoming a partner with Free and Healed Ministry.

Sharing the Journey of Ministry and Financial Need

In the video below I share our ministry journey so far and explain why we are asking for financial partners now. Here is a summary of the key points. 

  1. First time call
    For over 12 or 13 years, I’ve been sending out newsletters and ministering worldwide, including Switzerland. Yet, I have never asked for public support for this ministry, which has been largely self-financed. But when you rely on your own resources you can never grow or expand a work, so the time is ripe to change things and ask you for help.
  2. A Unique Purpose and Call to Partner
    Last year, a divine revelation led me to fully dedicate myself to empowering pastors and leaders. Now, I invite you to join us in this calling.
  3. Making a Global Impact with Free and Healed Ministry
    Through a powerful prophetic experience we were reminded of our assignment and given a divine strategy. With 50 financial partners, the work will be able to grow as more and more doors open.
  4. Investing in Empowerment: How to Become a Partner
    Free and Healed stands out as a ministry that bridges denominational boundaries and covers all aspects of the Christian life, from faith evangelism to discipleship that is focussed on the healing and deliverance ministry of Christ.
  5. Sowing and Reaping: The Biblical Principle of Commitment
    Your partnership goes beyond supporting us personally; it multiplies the work’s reach, opens new doors, and transforms lives. And when you commit to the Lord’s work he commits to you.

Thank you for considering becoming a partner with Free and Healed Ministry. Your commitment will bring forth abundant blessings and further the impact of our unique mission. We eagerly anticipate your response and value your feedback.


Would you like to commit to supporting free+healed?

Do get in touch, because true partnership is not just about donations, it is about communication. We are looking forward to getting to know you better.

Please call:

  • Isabella: +41 76 376 18 91
  • David:    +41 78 608 54 33

Or send us an email using the contact form.

The full story

Out of pocket means out of time

I have been sending out newsletters and ministering in different parts of the world and in Switzerland for more than 12 or 13 years. I have never publicly asked anyone to partner with us to support this ministry. I had a company, and I was very busy with clients. All of the ministry that we’ve been doing for more than a decade was in the time between assignments from customers, and most of that work was financed from our own pocket.

At the beginning of last year, the Lord made it very clear to me that He wanted me to focus as much as possible, in fact, basically a hundred percent, on the work which He’s been preparing me for over decades. That’s what I’ve been doing. Since the beginning of last year, I’ve just been trusting the Lord to provide for us as we just press into the work of calling and empowering pastors and leaders and preparing materials, ministering to individuals.

Impossible knowledge and a divine strategy

A couple of years ago we were at a prophetic conference of a guy from Zimbabwe, William Undi. He didn’t know me or our ministry, but we had lunch together with him. In the afternoon, he got me to stand up, and he told me by the Spirit of God, the name of my mother, my father, and my sister. Then he said that my father had prayed for me to walk in his footsteps, and that I already had a ministry. He said, “I’m hearing freedom and healing. He said that the free+healed ministry is going to explode. He basically said that the Lord’s strategy for us was to have 50 Financial Partners who will come in and support that Ministry.

What makes free+healed unique

So, the time is now right to share that with people and to invite you to partner with us. The thing is this: what I’m doing in Free and Healed is, in a sense, unique. We are working across denominational boundaries and covering the whole Christian Life. We’re calling people to come to faith – evangelism. We’re inviting people into discipleship —local small groups. We are equipping people to heal the sick and to cast out demons—both topics that many churches neglect. But most of all, I’m empowering pastors and leaders to do the same, and that’s having a very much a snowball effect.

One simple example is that two pastors that we trained pioneers among the unreached in Kenya, in Northern Kenya, they were able to multiply the size of their congregation following the cold and empowered training that I did with them last year. Maybe you’ve seen that film, and signs and wonders and miracles were happening—not just as I prayed for people, but as people who I’m training were praying for people. Miracles started to happen as they had never happened in those people’s lives, and so that’s creating this snowball effect.

Sow into a fruitful ministry

If you choose to partner with Free and Healed, you’re not just supporting my wife and me to live and do the work that we do here and abroad, you’re also supporting the multiplication of that work into the lives of other people here and abroad. I believe that things are only going to increase. Doors have opened for me for our next trip, which are bigger than ever. We’re going to reach more people than ever, and doors are opening now in Europe. We’re going to be doing our first conference in the UK in September, so there’s a huge amount of opportunity.

I’ve had the privilege of working also with individuals in Deliverance and discipleship processes, and I’m talking about conditions that are considered untreatable in the eyes of the world. And God is changing people and healing people, so there’s a whole spectrum of things that God has called me to do. If you choose to partner with us, you will be providing a basis for us to live and do that and spend the time that is needed to work with individuals and with teams and with churches. You can also invest in programs and events that will have just an even greater impact than anything that we can imagine.

The spiritual principle of commitment

Thank you so much for considering this and considering being a partner with Free and Healed. There are two ways you can be a partner: you can say, “I’m just going to give when I can, but I’m really committed. I want to really commit to supporting this ministry.” You might say, “Okay, I want to give something every month,” or you might want to say, “I want to give something twice a year or once a year.” It doesn’t matter what rhythm you choose. What matters, I think, for us is that you say, “I want to commit to be a partner of this ministry” because if you do that, there’s a Biblical principle that you sow and you reap. If you commit to something that’s fruitful, God will commit to increasing the fruit that’s in your life.

I experienced this once when, for decades, my work with customers had always been very spontaneous, and no one would commit to work with us on a longer period of time. One day we felt that we should commit to supporting a pastor in Pakistan on a regular basis, and when I took that step, a client came in and said, “We want to commit to working with you on a yearly basis.” So, these are principles—spiritual principles, natural principles—and I just want to invite you now to think about to pray about being a partner with Free and Healed Ministry, and you will be blessed. We just look forward to that journey with you and to continue sharing with you. It really encourages me also to have feedback from the newsletters that I send out.

Closing thanks

I know that there are so many ministries, and especially in Switzerland, everyone is overloaded with newsletters and with information. You could be involved in so many things. You can give your time, you can give your attention, you can give your resources to so many different Ministries. But I just want to put it on your heart to consider us as a Ministry because of the uniqueness of the whole range of what we’re doing and because we are going to people who are maybe neglected by larger existing organizations, and we’re talking about topics which are neglected by the church as a whole. So, what you invest into this ministry will have a huge impact. Thanks for your time, and I look forward to your responses.

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