Documentary films

Called+Empowered 2 – Documentary Film

The free+healed team travels to one of the most remote corners of Africa. A village called Naipa in north-western Kenya, where the Turkana people struggle to survive as goat herders, living in constant fear of raids by neighbouring tribes. We are there at the invitation of Ruth and Kosmas, two pastors whom we introduced to the person and power of the Holy Spirit and the message of forgiveness 10 months ago.

Called and Empowered Documentary Film poster

Called+Empowered – Documentary Film 2022

God is truly alive. We can experience him directly. Only a few people know it. He can heal. In a moment. In a 50-minute documentary we bring the audience right into the middle of the action and show up close and personal how God works and changes people’s lives. For those who long for personal or communal revival, the movie is a great inspiration.

Fan of God film

One night in Gojra follows Dave and Ghaffar to Gojra, connecting the tragic events of 2009 with their 2012 and 2022 crusade meetings and showing that the preaching and demonstration of the Gospel is the hope for reconciliation in communities all over the world.

God’s own glory

God’s own glory Shot during a free+healed inner healing and deliverance conference in Kerala, this 13-minute film brings you face…

Waves of Love

Essential viewing for anyone who wants to grow in their experience of the power of God. A ground-breaking film that brings you face to face with inner healing, deliverance and some astonishing physical miracles at a conference in Switzerland.

Hope Trip Binga-Zimbabwe

The video below introduces the team, our heart and vision and will encourage you with miracle testimonies that the free+healed…

Healing Foundations Conference

Healing Foundations, Zimbabwe 2015 Experience the atmosphere and feel the joy, that is only possible when our lives are established…

Power to Change Kenya

Deliverance and impartation in Kenya’s infamous Kisii When I (David) was first invited to minister in Kisii, my mood swung…

Hope Trip Zimbabwe Film

This is a mission trip report/mini documentary that highlights the connection between teaching on forgiveness and the flow of God’s healing…

Hope Trip Pakistan

Shot during our 2013 trip to Punjab this 13 minute film shows a refreshing side of God’s amazing power at…