Finally see with your own eyes

Samburu County, Northern Kenya 2022: The blind see, the lame walk. This documentary shows how miracles happen before our very eyes. David M. Taylor brings together a disillusioned former child evangelist, a skeptical student, a former Samburu warrior, and many others to explore what it means when God calls and empowers us. Along the way, you will gain a small insight into life in northern Kenya and meet people from different tribes who have come together to learn how they too can pass on not only the words but also the deeds of Jesus.

Main protagonists

  • Dave Walder left school at a young age to devote himself full-time to the ministry. After six years as a coffee barista, the Lord called him to the north of Kenya.
  • Simon Ndori, a former Samburu Moran (warrior) who is now a bishop and leads a movement of 50 house churches.
  • Sam McKay, a high school dropout who grew up in the church but is skeptical of anything he hasn’t seen with his own eyes.
  • Wycliffe Wasike, a Kenyan television producer and documentary filmmaker who believes he has been hired to film a typical conference.
  • Joshua Bulle, a church planter working among Muslims on the border with Ethiopia.
  • Galma Dokatu, a lay evangelist from Marsabit, who was healed of a stomach ulcer and baptized in the Holy Spirit.
  • David M. Taylor, who calls all these people together and then draws them all into an encounter with the Holy Spirit.
  • Lemisante, a man who hasn’t seen anything for five years.
  • Larupu, a boy who has never walked in the seven years of his life.

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