Bullets hit sons of f+h partners

Wamba Road, Kenya

One killed and one severely injured in revenge shooting

Lawless taxi driver and violent herdsmen on Wamba Road

Maralal Kenya: On May 27 2023, the sons of two of the leaders we work with in Northern Kenya were victims of a shooting on the infamous Wamba Road. (featured in Called+Empowered film).Called+Empowered in N. Kenya 2022

Emmanuel and Gregory were travelling from Maralal to Archer’s Post to go to start college. Full of the excitement about the new opportunity they boarded a taxi not knowing that the the driver had enemies: the driver had run over some goats on a previous trip but did not stop to pay compensation. So the herdsmen set up a road block and waited for the lawless driver to return so they could demand compensation. Once again, instead of stopping, the selfish driver put his foot down and the aggrieved herdsmen opened fire. 

Emmanuel, the 23 year old son of Pastor Lucas died, while Bishop Simon’s son Gregory survived. But a bullet sliced through his right upper jaw ripping open his face.

Emmanuel went to be with the Lord on 27 May 2023, aged 23. He was a fine young man who struggled with the untimely loss of his mother, but who set an example to his friends and family in supporting his father’s vision and church planting work. 

Gregory needs our help

Despite his horrific injuries Gregory is fighting back bravely. His wounds are too complex for the county hospital in Maralal and he needs to be transferred to Nakuru Referral Hospital. But his father, Bishop Simon is a tireless evangelist and church planter. He has no savings and can’t afford an ambulance. So 10 days after the shooting, Gregory walked out of intensive care in Maralal and boards a public shuttle bus to travel 3.5 hours to hospital in Nakuru. There they have the equipment and specialists needed to treat his face. 

  • Will you join me in firstly praying for a supernatural healing of Gregory’s jaw, teeth and facial muscles. 
  • Secondly, would you consider donating to help with Gregory’s medical expenses.

Gregory with friends. 

A week after the shooting. 

Please send your donation by Twint to David Taylor on 078 608 54 33

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  • Kasaya Bramwell
    13 August 2023 11:03

    Wonderful work David and Isabella. Was blessed to sit under your ministration today at Christ Is The Answer Ministries Thika Road assembly today. Inspired kabisa


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