Mentally handicapped boy starts to develop

Miracle BoyParents presented him after the meeting. A three-year old with a faint hint of downs-syndrome in his facial features.He has not spoken or started to stand and walk yet they said with earnest and heavy hearts. Please pray for him.

I believe that Jesus is the creator of the universe according to John 1. “Through him all things were made”. And because he is a good God he does a good job when creating. Therefore for me it is impossible that mental handicap can be God’s intention.

Accordingly I took the little boy in my arms and rebuked the Spirit of disability gently in English. I have never experienced this kind of reaction from a child I took in my arms. Screaming and crying, bloodshot red eyes in seconds. The parents remained totally calm and confident and made no attempt to intervene. So I continued to pray that everthing hindering this precious child’s development should leave immediately in the Name of Jesus. I can’t remember what else I prayed but I am sure that I also broke all curses from the Hinduism of the forefathers.

The next day the family arrived radiant: “This morning he stood up and said Papa” they exclaimed.

A week later the report was that he is now saying “Mama and Papa” and has taken a few steps.

Praise the Lord! These moments leave me overwhelmed and full of joy. They give new energy and motivate us to keep on praying for people and to keep on preaching the good news of Jesus.

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