Due to site reorganisation this report is reposted here.

From 29th September to 21st October we were on a mission trip to India.

After 4 days in Delhi teaching and ministering inner-healing in a Bible school and at a conference, we headed down to Trivandrum the capital of Kerala.
There we led a six day conference for leaders and visited house cells all over the city. Our host was the “Torch of Truth” church lead by Suresh and Sani Babu.

The presence of God was very powerfully tangible in many meetings and the preaching and teaching was confirmed with miracles of healing and supernatural signs.

Inner-healing and deliverance conference

This training was targetted at the 70 leaders in the church, but some of the evening and weekend meetings attracted up to 700 people. The greatest joy was to hear the reports from people of the changes that God was bringing in their lives and hearts through the series of teachings. While the core of my teaching has been carefully prepared, I really felt the Holy Spirit inspiring the messages and guiding the sequence of topics and times of ministry. All the glory goes to him!

Wed Evening:

  • The bronze snake in the wilderness – discerning the problem, applying faith in the solution, the centrality of the cross


  • The heart of God revealed in Jesus’ ministry manifesto. Our makeup: spirit, soul and body
  • Peter: from calling to falling – healing of the memories in the gospels


  • Introduction to Deliverance – Deliverance in the gospels
  • The nature and effects of demons: practical deliverance ministry


  • Heaven on earth – eternity meets time
  • Hearing the voice of God. Keeping your healing and deliverance


  • Peter – Jesus works with those willing to make mistakes

The testimonies / posts section of this site contains only a few of the many testimonies of life changes that occured during these meetings.

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