Camp situation

I am in Murree in the NW Himalayas at 2200 m asl. After a very chilly start to the week, the weather has changed and I am acclimatised so could go running this morning and people are not sitting there freezing during the morning and evening sessions.

For the first few days I was teaching 3 sessioins a day on maturing in Christ and teaching the culture of honor, radical grace and boldness before the throne of God. Now we have moved into the area of activation of body ministry and practical aspects of going before the Lord as a group.

We have about 65 participants Not as many mature leaders as I had expected, but all wonderful and precious people.

Ministering to those from non-Christian background

Today, after lunch we spoke with a Muslim lady who is attending the camp. She, an educated and sophisticated city lady is separated from her illiterate and drug-addicted village husband and wanted prayer because her sons no longer respect her. We encouraged her to give her heart to Jesus and ask him to adopt her into the family of God – so that God will be her Father and Father to her boys.  She said she does not want to convert for fear of her family but she wants Jesus to be her Lord and she wants to be part of God’s family. All yesterday she was hearing voices telling her not to come to church and to stop attending the meetings.

One of the leaders ‘forced’ her to join the meeting this morning and as we did a prophetic vision exercise – picturing the thone of God – she was quivering inside and feeling all her strength leave her. So I explained that ‘Jin’ (Muslim evil spirits) are trying to destroy her life like they destroyed her marriage and that the only hope for her and her sons is the help of our heavenly Father.

So sitting on an old rotten sofa with bare foam and rubbish all around, Dr Leakat, Pastor Aniis and Pastor John and I led her in prayers to invite Jesus into her life and ask the Father to adopt her. Then we prayed for her deliverance. She smiled widely and said she felt much better. We are confident that God will do much more in her life by tomorrow.

The Muslim family I ministered to last year in Lahore are also here. They are being richly blessed. Two of the ladies got set from some demons yesterday. One wanted to give her testimony today, but as she rose to speak she was again overcome by a spirit and fell faint, crying and with her eyes fluttering at high speed. We prayed for her again and are continuing to minister to this precious family.

General Atmosphere

It is free time as I write: many have gone to enjoy a chair lift ride, but this family has stayed back and is sitting under a tree with Ghaffar. They have been talking and sharing and learning about the Lord together for the last hour.

Kids are playing and blowing up balloons because it is Elijah, Ghaffar’s youngest son’s birthday.

We are eating Roti and beans, lentils or chickpeas every day. Sometimes we get a little chicken. And some meals are rice instead of the Roti (fatty or dry chapati).

Several people have testified that the messages have been not from me but from God and that particular things spoke to them very specifically. Especially that God is love.

Pastor John Gill, one of Ghaffar’s Brother’s in law who has a strong spiritual authority said today that he noticed that I have really grown in the Lord since last October. It is very encouraging and humbling actually when these experienced men of God sit under your teaching and honor what God is doing in and through you. He is the one who had the word of knowledge for backs and shoulder healing yesterday which led to many, many people getting healed who had suffered pain for many months.

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