A mob of several thousand Muslims destroyed over 175 homes in a Christian colony (ghetto) in Lahore, Pakistan. The trouble began after two friends got into an argument and the Muslim barber accused the Christian plumber of blasphemy. Fearing trouble the Christians fled their homes. After Friday prayers the followers of ‘the religion of peace’ poured onto streets to loot and torch the empty colony.

We are partnered with a ministry in Lahore about 25 mins from where this happened. We are equipping the Christians with an understanding of the love of God so that they can react with love and with spiritual authority when threatened. Perfect love casts out all fear and love never fails. Love is what can diffuse the anger and prevent such escalations. The love in Jesus was the force that allowed him to walk straight through a violent, murderous mob, or heal the severed ear of an aggressor.

As I preached this message in Lahore and in Gojra – the scene of similar anti-Christian mob attacks several years ago, we experienced a strong anointing of the Holy Spirit and a healing presence. Forgiveness and healing flowed and many were inspired, encouraged and spiritually equipped.

This June I will be returning to Pakistan with a small team and I strongly feel it is time to up intensity of our outpouring of love for the brothers and sisters in Pakistan.

The only hope for the Christian minority of Pakistan is the love of Christ. But what you don’t have you can’t give – that is why it is our responsibility to start to express love to the body of Christ in Pakistan.

Will you express his love by supporting us financially with a donation so that we can expand the scale of our outreach and equipping? In the last week of June we will be conducting large public meetings in various parts of the Province of Punjab. I have not publically appealed for support for these meetings in the past two years, but we have invested privately to establish strong relationships with local teams and to test our own hearts.

During the last week the Lord spoke to me strongly that this year it is time to scale up our the intensity of our work in that country. For the first time I will be taking an Apostolic team with me and a young man of God who we are mentoring. Having heard of this tragedy in Lahore, I want to increase the size of the team and ideally take another couple on this trip. Expanding the team increases the costs and the logistics.

So now I am asking for you to let your love flow to this orphan nation by donating to help us reveal the love of our heavenly Father to a people who don’t know that God is a loving heavenly Father.

If you feel moved to get involved in any way, please contact me directly or use this Paypal donation.

Thanks for your contribution. Any amount no matter how small counts.



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