Kenya 2015 pre trip info

With Bro Jo and John Shiundu for a Hope Trip to Kisii, Western Kenya

In 2013, I took John and Joseph Tea with me to Pakistan for two weeks. We led the teaching and ministry in a church camp and then conducted a serious of large crusades. It was a very fruitful trip with many miracles of healing and a powerful demonstration of the Kingdom of God in action as many people were delivered from demons or received inner healing and personal transformation. Now, we are particularly excited to be getting together once again and this time with an new team member from Weinfelden, Sam.

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Please pray for our:
– Christ Transformation Centre (John’s Home church). Service and ministry. Sun – Mon 9 – 10th Aug
Kisii – Pastors and leaders training with 50-100 participants – day sessions and late afternoon public revival meetings. Wed – Sun 12 – 16th

Encouraging and enabling
It is a real privilege to be able to go and serve a man who has served us and others so much and so well over the years. When I told John in March that the Lord had put it in my heart to go out and honour him in what he is doing and in who he is, he immediately suggested that we do a programme in Kisii. This is an area where John is overseeing a chuch of about 50 and I had often heard about his trips there and the many challenges they face in that region.

It is a fertile, yet backward, rural area plagued by many social and spiritual challenges. So, while a little daunted we are nonetheless, very excited about what God is going to do in and through us during this time together. Our intention is to teach the local team on the principles of the messianic anointing (Luke 4:18) and then to lead them through personal inner healing and deliverance prior to reaching out to the local community.

Isiolo leaders to join the training
Besides the churches in Eldoret and Kisii, our friends and partners at Follow Him International also support a group of pastors in the Isiolo area. It seemed right not to try and add Isiolo to our itiniary for this trip, but instead we wanted to bring a small group of key pastors/leaders from Isiolo to Kisii to be part of the training there. Thanks to Follow Him International for making this possible.

(Watch the Pakistan Hope Trip film here).


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  • patrick mbuya
    21 August 2015 15:18

    Thank God to your seminar in kisii i wash blessed and ineed to work with your ministries please let God do something to your work

  • Bulimu jackson
    26 November 2015 14:38

    Happy to here what the lord done in kisii and eldoret,isiolo,be blessed in jesus name.
    I invites you when you will be having the trip to kenya you are well come to kisumu kenya.
    Am going through challenges here in ministry,needs your visitation here.


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