A family transformed 5/9

Having taught the pastors we waited on God together and approached the Father in the spirit. In this time, Ronald had a vision. He began to speak loudly in tongues, and I also noticed that he was praying for other people. Because we felt this was a time for the Pastors to be transformed themselves and not to minister to others, I discerned that this might be a religious spirit surfacing. So I quietly rebuked it and he fell to the ground. Later Ronald recounted what had happened to him. 1

He saw a vision of people with needs. He was praying for the sick and they were getting healed. Then he boarded a plane and arrived at a church, suddenly a large bird over shadowed everything. At that point he lost his power and fell down. Later, he regained his strength and was able to continue ministering.

So in the vision Ronald saw a bird – which from the parable of the sower is something satanic. In my spirit I saw a religious spirit. And in the natural we saw him fall down as that spirit was rebuked and he experienced losing strength at that moment.

This example shows how we can learn and grow in discernment from observing what is happening, what is the context, what do we feel in the Spirit and what does the person see or experience or feel.

During the same session some other leaders were seeing visions about ministry and I gently encouraged them to look inward and receive rather than focussing on the others. As a result, another pastor’s wife was able to face some areas ops strife and dishonesty that were blockages in her own life.

Joseph Tea was whisked away with Sam to speak to a group of youth across the road. They have been sent to the meeting by their schoolteacher as a form of detention!

Joseph Tea reports


The atmosphere is subdued, as though they’re all here for detention. I had been told to prepare to address the “young men” and had been thinking along manly lines. Now I see that at least half are girls. Using a few points from the message I prepared on Intimacy, I just wing it. For over an hour. For the longest time, I don’t know whether my words are even connecting. Finally, I ask them who wants to receive and walk in this new identity and everyone comes to the front to be blessed. Several people are swaying or shaking but no one falls to the ground. Again I am out of my depth. How do you lay hands on forty teens and take time for what God is doing? After this time of impartation I ask, “Who needs healing”?

I had a word of knowledge for knee problems. A girl, Silvia, responds. I make it clear to the youth that they have just received from God, so now He’s going to work through them. I asked another girl to pray for Silvia, laying hands on her shoulder as she laid hands on Silvia’s knees. I said, “Sister, You’re going to pray for her and she’s going to be healed.” And she was. I asked, “How long did you have the knee pain?” It took her a while to calculate… Before saying “six or seven years”!

We return to the adult gathering. The two youth leaders are beaming over what God has released among the youth. Their biggest concern seems to be purity – the teens are “having affairs”. They want us to send them more teaching. Also they’re curious about how we finance ourselves and are surprised to hear we are paying our own way. They have grand visions of starting a nationwide and international youth movement but are vague on specifics. 🙂

I too have often had the feeling of being out of my depth. I know that sensation of wondering if my words actually make sense. I know the feeling of being totally inadequate and unprepared. But that is when the Lord reminds us that in our weakness he is strong. And indeed he is.

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