The key to breakthroughs 9/9

We thank God for all the many who got saved in the outreach, all the healings and the many deliverances. We know that many lives were transformed and the church in Ogembo has grown.

I want to conclude with the mention of the Word that the Lord spoke in the heavenly vision of the brother from John’s church in Eldoret.

“Behold I the Lord your God, am raising up you people in regard of how submissive your hearts are.”

This word reminds us that God’s desire is to raise us up. In fact he is already doing that, but he is limited by the extent to which we submit our hearts to him. This is the key to a life of freedom and fruitfulness. Let us submit to his will as revealed in the scriptures – especially in the life and words of Jesus and trust that he will indeed.

MBS books
MBS books

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