Divine leading in our planning 1/9

Overwhelmed by the need
John came up with a proposal – “let’s do a mission to Kisii together,” he said. “The people in Kisii, really need a lot of help.” When I Googled Kisii, I found out that the region of Kisii in South Western Kenya, is nationally famous for angry men, witch burning and a very high rate of AIDs orphans.

After reading some articles and watching a heart-wrenching documentary, I was overwhelmed and I said to the Lord, I am too tired and too weak. The problems are too big. I can’t go. So I went from thinking that the church in Kenya is doing so well that it does not need me to thinking the problems are too big I can’t face it. Isn’t it interesting how when we judge with the natural mind, we are immobilised and end up doing nothing. Shortly after that the Lord encouraged me through a conversation with Henk Kleinschmidt and I made firm plans with John.

Our programme
Sat:                  Nairobi to Eldoret overlandIMG_2380
Sun:                Church ministry in Eldoret
Mon:                rest day
Tues:               travel to Ogembo, Kisii
Wed-Thurs:     Pastors and leaders training
Fri-Sun           Seminar morning to early afternoon
Crusades 3 – 5.30
Mon – Wed:    Rest, Game park and vehicle repairs an

Who we reached
Eldoret:          Sunday congregation of John’s church. (around 50)
Ogembo:          Pastors and leaders from > 10 different churches
2 Pastors from Isiolo – one day’s road trip
Local church members in conference (200 in final meeting)
Local community in open-air crusade (200+)

The trip team
Before we dive into the report, I feel I should introduce my team and make the point that we are not ordained or full-time Christian ministers. We believe that the God wants to use everyone, no matter what you do, to achieve his purposes of transformation. And that is why we invest our time and holidays and resources to do trips like this and to minister in other churches.

I am a business communications consultant and writer. I don’t represent any denomination and try to model the life of a disciple with a kingdom mindset.

Bro Jo is increasingly involved in the work of Freeandhealed. He is a published fantasy author who has travelled to 33 countries on book tours and been seen in the company of princesses and Kofi Anan. He is also a youth leader in the local Reformed church, which is currently experiencing an awakening and strong move of the Holy Spirit. Joseph Tea’s most recent assignment was writer in residence at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy.

Sam our camera manIMG_2313

Sam who is a graduate environmental engineer had some valid questions about the stewardship dimension of flying to Kenya for two weeks. Especially as he was not sure of how he could help. He is no preacher, he is new to prayer ministry and he had no experience in filming or even photography. But Joseph Tea had heard from the Lord to invite him and he decided to come.

Joseph Tea reports:

As we were about to leave we heard that Dominic’s wife Esther had a prophecy / vision of three white men coming to bring revival. Later when John called announcing David and his father would come, she said if it was from God there would be three! Then Albert cancelled… But I joined and shortly before the trip Sam joined us, making us three!

Sam slotted into the team perfectly. He was engaging with the local people at every opportunity and became a real and practical encouragement to John’s boys. He also drove the vehicle alot and took charge of the camera work and all the time consuming daily work of copy cards onto the computer and recharding batteries. Without him, we would never have captured enough film material to produce the new Revivalist Film “Power to Change – Kenya 2015”

“Power to Change” is an exciting and inspiring 18-minute documentary film about what happens when the power of the Holy Spirit touches and transforms people’s lives.

To watch the film you have to write to me an ask for a password as we have not had approval from all the participants for an online public release.


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