History of Free + Healed

When ordinary people team up to help one another follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and be ministers of freedom and healing, that is something dynamic. It is constantly changing. Free and Healed began as a URL registered to offer Albert & Elisabeth Taylor’s ‘Ministering Below the Surface’ materials, free of charge to people all over the world. Later, it became home to the blog reports of David & Isabelle Taylor, with wonderful reports about the power of God and the principles they were learning on mission trips. Now in 2016, Free and Healed 3.0 is opening up to become the online home for a growing team of disciples who minister in Switzerland and Internationally as the Free and Healed team.

Our vision and number one priority is to see people’s lives changed as they come into a full and powerful relationship with God the Father, Jesus who was God in human form and the Holy Spirit – the manifestation of God in action in and through our lives.

Leaders: David M. Taylor and Isabella Taylor
We are self-employed and work as hard as we can to contribute to society and to release resources for the Kingdom of God.

David holds a Masters in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University and now works as an marketing communications writer and consultant. We are involved in our local church and minister beyond denominational boundaries locally and internationally. David grew up in E. Africa and the U.K. as the son of UK/Swiss missionaries while Isa grew up in Switzerland with Italian parents. David writes:

“The clash of our cultures and the diversity of our heritage become the foundry in which God did a deep work in our hearts to bring us fuller freedom and maturity in him.

In 2008 we attended a 3-month Apostolic leadership training in Switzerland. In this time we learnt and received from a string powerfully anointed men and women of God and developed friendships with some excellent fellow students from all over the world.  Since then we have experienced a steady increase in the anointing and grace of his presence and been privileged to see him use us in many miracles, signs and wonders or inner and outer healing, deliverance and restoration in India, Pakistan, Thailand, Portugal, Zimbabwe and Switzerland.

Our calling is to develop authentic relationships with our local team partners in the places others are not going and to release life and church transforming messages and impartations.”


  • Alfred Mpepu
    May 11, 2014 6:16 am

    Had a very enriching conversation with David & Isabel in Harare , Sunday 04th May 2014. The couple are so sincere ,loving & will always enjoy the fullness of the Holy Spirit. We wish them all God’s blessings.

    Alfred& Hilda

  • Thanks for going to Pakistan.

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