Inner healing open air

Open air ministry – fulltime worked set free from anger and lust

On the second night of two open-air meetings, I walked to the car park to escape the unbearably loud amplification of the preaching. I was followed by a young Indian who asked for prayer for a headache. He an ex-YWAM staff member still in full-time but  leading an intecessory group. Lead by the Spirit I asked various questions which led to us identifying various areas where he needed to forgive others: Doctors who had performed an unsuccessful sinus operation, his father who had gone mad and left the family when he was a teenager. In the dusty carpark we prayed and dealt with each area.  He also said that his marriage was at risk due to uncontrollable anger and consequential problems, which I sensed was connected with his father’s madness. We prayed together and dealt with each area prayerfully. His headaches lifted and I was able to arange with a local leader who will follow-up and hopefully establish a long-term mentoring relationship with him.

Experiencing the glory of God’s presence is better than getting healed

After the preaching, Suresh made an altar call and the area in front of the stage was packed solid. It was impossible to move among the people and minister individually as planned so I just prayed for a number and prayed over the crowd. Between the crowd and the first row of seats I noticed a little girl, seated on the ground in a posture that indicated she was a cripple. Those with her and gone forward during the altar call and she was left all alone. But the presence of God was strong and she was obviously enjoying it. She was gently waving her hands around and praying or receiving from the Lord with her eyes closed. For a while I prayed for her and then held on off her raised hands to continue praying: she opened her eyes and looked up. Although her eyes pointed in completely different directions, her face was radiant and full of joy. A big smile broke over her face.

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