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Hearing the voice of God

In the second session at the Bible school, I introduced the importance of deliverance and correct diagnosis in pastoral ministry. Isabelle then introduced ‘Hearing the Voice of God’ and we released gifts or discernment and wisdom in those who said they had been seeking these particular gifts. During the class there was little feedback, but afterwards we had a small group with great questions.

One afternoon, we visited the orphanage run by Mission to the Unreached. The children sang to us in groups and then we were treated to solos, breakdance and song and dance by children of all ages. Then we prayed for them and Isabelle singled out one 7 year-old boy. She prophesied that the Lord was going to use him to stand before many and he would speak without fear. She rebuked all the “fear of man” in his life and I laid hands on him and prayed. As we drove away we were told that this boy had been bought to the orphanage by his mother after he had witnessed his father being killed by his uncle! Another child we felt led to pray for had been bought to the orphanage as a baby by someone who threatened: take her or I will throw her into the sea!

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