Teaching and ministering in Finnland

I, David, had the privilege of travelling with my sister’s husband Daniel Baumgartner to join my parents for a seminar in Kuovala, Finnland.

My parents Albert and Elisabeth Taylor have been pioneers in Inner healing and Deliverance since 1980. Daniel has been in this ministry full time for over ten years.Their experiences and teachings are concisely formulated in the book “Ministering Below the Surface”.

Armed with fresh translations of the book into Finnish we taught the steps of how to deal with sins, hurts and demons and saw many people receive healing and deliverance.

Albert Taylor writes: “The first seminar here in Kouvola, Finland last week-end was “awesome” –  the description given in an eml afterwards by one of the 60 participants. Most were touched in healing or deliverance or experienced the Holy Spirit in fresh ways. We were all uplifted in the worship led by a Finnish group augmented by our David’s piano accompaniments and beautiful heart touching solos. He also assisted, along with Daniel our son-in-law and theologian involved in prayer ministry, in teaching and ministry to the many who were eager to receive help. The suffering in so many lives is enormous. Elisabeth taught on healing in the womb and did much personal ministry.”

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