In the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Christians are threatened and persecuted on a daily basis – despite constitutional freedom of religion.

In this context I felt the Lord prompt me to take up a long- standing invitation to go to Pakistan to encourage my brother Ghaffar Bhatti to teach at the pastor’s annual retreat and minis- ter to the trainee church planters.

I do not believe that radical Islam can be constrained by a war on terror as the US government has tried. Challenging the teachings of the Koran is also a difficult path. Instead the hope of the nations lies in an irresistable message of good news – one that is confirmed with signs and wonders and that melts hate-filled hearts and heals broken individual lives.

Therefore Christians need to be anointed to minister the full gospel which includes physical and emotional healing, deliverance and release from bondage.The believer’s authority and effective spiritual warfare are all equally important themes.

Unlike most radical Islamic nations, Pakistan still grants Christians the right to hold public meetings. Frank Borda, who preached alongside Ghaffar at his last crusades in February reported: “The people were so hungry and the power of God was very present. There were many healings, deliverances and conversions. Ghaffar organises buses to bring the people to the meetings.The more transport budget there is, the more people can attend, hear the gospel and experience the power of God.”

Pakistan_Trip_David Taylor 2011.pdf

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