Do you face an impossible assignment?

In the Bible, we read of several characters that God prepared for a particular task. But before they stepped into that role, they resisted their calling. Think of Moses at the burning bush, saying send someone else*. Or Paul, who tried stamp out Christianity, before becoming the greatest of Christian authors**.

We tend to resist the call of God because although he has prepared us in various ways for the task, it still seems impossible to us. In my case, I know how to write, but I don’t have the kind of platform, fame or notoriety that publishers are looking for. But while we may be resistant, God’s call can be persistent. And if you will embrace it, you will experience the joy of obedience.

Takeaway thoughts

  • You may not be called to write a book, but your story matters. Perhaps you had an experience with God that you need to share with someone.
  • What good things must you eliminate from your life to be more effective in your calling?

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