Have you ever longed for a better understanding of the key topics that will allow you to experience freedom yourself and help others find it too? .

The Pray Freedom course

Too many Christians spend their whole lives, wishing they had more time to read the Bible or pray. But missing the keys, they don’t know how to unlock the power of the scriptures and they don’t know where to find a mentor that will help them get to know and follow the Lord. At Study Faith we offer manageable modules made up of bite-sized lessons and spirit-filled mentors to help you lay a solid foundation and grow to full maturity in your Christian life. The Pray Freedom Course is one such course.


An 8-week introduction to prayer ministry. Do you want to minister the way Jesus taught his disciples to do? Would you like to have the same kind of balance and focus that the Lord had? Based on the book “Ministering Below the Surface” this course will help you to have a spiritual world view, receive the empowering of the Holy Spirit, and give you confidence to deal with sins, hurts and demons.

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