Are you afraid of AI or are you using it?

Many are afraid of AI, but we know that all tech can be used for good or evil. We are using it for good. All these images below were all created using AI to promote ministry events. Read more the story behind the Ad campaign below.

Training and healing meetings in Weinfelden, TG, Switzerland

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Called+Empowered Conference in Nairobi, Kenya, 2023

Contact f+h for event info

Every means possible for Jesus

As a music and media producer, I  have always tried to stay on the cutting edge and use the latest tools to be salt and light in society.

David M. Taylor, Founder of Free+Healed, former music and media producer.

Recently we started using the latest Artificial Intelligence text to image creation tools to draw attention to upcoming revival, healing and deliverance trainings in Switzerland and Kenya.

All of images we used were created using artificial intelligence.

The great thing is that with these tools we were able to create specific, unique images that expressed the emotions or ideas we wanted to convey. In the past, to create such a series of images that would look consistent across different cities would have required a very expensive international photo shoot – something only big brands could afford.

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