Extreme leg pain disappears

God wakes him and speaks in the middle of the night.

The person was from a Hindu background. He had come to know Jesus through his friend. He is a Doctor in herbal medicine. After coming to know God, he burnt down all his Hindu religious books and idols.

He had some demonic influence in his life as a result of which he had extreme pain in his leg. After the evening meeting on the 9th he prayed to God to give him deliverance. At 12 in the night he heard his door dell ringing. But he his home does not have a calling bell. God spoke to him to pray and to go to the meeting on the 10th October.

He came and when we were all praying, that evil spirits would leave, he felt a heaviness in his head. When David prayed for him he fell down. Then the evil spirit left him and the pain in his leg totally vanished.

* I have told this story to a few people based on the verbal account. Now I found a written note from my translator giving the precise details. Apologies for any inconsistencies.

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