Undeserved financial miracles

Eeswar from Trivandrum is nine years old but he has a clear knowledge of his life’s calling: to worship God all the time.

We noticed Eeswar during our meetings in Trivandrum. He was always on the front row. During times of worship his eyes never wondered. His hands were always raised in praise.

After one meeting he led his mother to the front and asked Isabelle to pray for her. She had taken a bank loan that they could no longer repay and was facing courtcase and potential prison sentence. Isabelle prayed for God’s mercy. Later we heard that first the hearing was postponed and then a day before rescheduled court appearance, someone came and paid off the debt for them unconditionally.

Isa admits she did not have much for that situation as it was basically a self-inflicted problem. But Jesus honoured Eeswar’s faith and gave that family their financial miracle.

Eeswar: A boy who has discovered life’s highest calling.

April 2010

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